May 29, 2024

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Wisconsin after Paul Crest: Can any candidate beat Jim Leonard? How well does Badger work?

Paul Crist’s reign in Wisconsin ended abruptly. Chryst was kicked out on Sundayone day after a 34-10 Loss of Illinois And former coach Brett Bilima was brought down badger to 2-3. Defense coordinator Jim Leonard will take over as interim coach.

“After a heartfelt and honest conversation with Coach Crist about what is in the long-term interest of our football program, I have concluded that it is time for a leadership change,” athletic director Chris McIntosh said in a statement. “Paul is an honest man who loves his players. I have great respect and admiration for Paul, his legacy and his family at the University of Wisconsin.

“I also have confidence in Jim Leonard to guide the program for the remainder of the season. There is still plenty of season to play and I know Jim will do a great job while the program is under his leadership.”

Christian went 67-26 as head coach for Wisconsin, including 9-4 last season. He’s won three Big Ten West tournaments, reached three New Year’s Six Bow tournaments, and won two of them. The Badgers haven’t been on their level for a while. They are 15-10 over the past three seasons and have lost two home games at Camp Randall already this year, along with Losing 52-21 at Ohio.

Crest’s 67 wins in Wisconsin are the third most in the program’s history. Belima is in second place with a score of 68.

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