April 19, 2024

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World cannot “unwind” current energy system, says COP28 president

World cannot “unwind” current energy system, says COP28 president

The appointment of the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sultan Al Jaber, to chair the COP was widely criticized.



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A coal-fired power plant in Silicon (Indonesia) on September 28, 2023.  (Aditya Irawan/NurPhoto/AFP)

Opinions can be controversial. Next UN The president of the climate conference, COP28, on Sunday 8 October called on governments to abandon their position. “Imaginations”. Sultan Al Jaber is an example Urgent abandonment of existing energy infrastructure to meet climate goals.

How and when to phase out fossil fuels is a thorny question facing the international community as global temperatures approach the 1.5°C limit above pre-industrial levels. The objective not to exceed this limit was set by the Paris Agreement in 2015.We cannot dismantle today’s energy system before building tomorrow’s system. It is neither practical nor possible.”He said this at the start of the Middle East and North Africa Climate Week organized by the United Nations in Riyadh.

Climate activists have criticized the appointment of Sultan Al Jaber, chairman of the United Arab Emirates oil company ADNOC, to chair COP28, which begins on November 30 in Dubai. Nevertheless, he has the support of COP participants, including US climate ambassador John Kerry, because he says he is determined. “The phase-out of fossil fuels is inevitable”.