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WWE SmackDown summary and feedback (Feb 18, 2022): Go home already


The problem with it being only one note is that in the end this one gets exaggerated.

Goldberg has been in there for quite some time and is leading into clips like what we got here, where he has to say something and they settle for something like this:

“I have to apologize in front of all these wonderful people and the entire world. I was wrong. You are not next. When it comes to the World Championship, I will finish!”

like what?!?

It’s supposed to be a great way of saying he’s going to win the title and become the next champ, yeah, I get that, but doing that doesn’t mean Reigns isn’t next so much as the man he has to beat to become that. Both statements are true, and therefore he is not wrong as he claims.

I give it a lot of thought because, again, there is no further analysis to be done here. It’s just a match of nothing, lumped together at the last minute of the Saudi show, a blip on the road to a much bigger match that actually has a story attached to it.

This sucked.

In hindsight, we always should have known better.

When a video from the scene was posted online showing a file hilariously bad The misunderstanding between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, she made the kind of professional wrestling clips that make you freak out how fake they are. WWE has always been tweaking to make it look better, however, through the magic of TV, it turns out like this:

Wrestlers in the ring aren’t the only pros in WWE!

Meanwhile, this was a fairly standard contract signing that showed Rousey getting a badass streak and standing tall kid in the match. The additional requirement that Rousey will have one arm tied behind her back doesn’t do me much, nor does it make me more interested in the match itself, but her miles may vary.

Sami Zayn won the Intercontinental Championship on this show and uh I wish there was more to say about him?

Zane had a fair game last week when he bumped into Rick Boggs and made sure he’d still be too injured to step in on Shinsuke Nakamura’s behalf. It sure was a straight 1v1 and Zayn came out on top by being smart enough to avoid Nakamura’s finish and working on the knee Shinsuke had injured by running her down the steps earlier in the match.

It’s all well and good, it’s kind of been there.

The ending was such that fans in the arena barely know how to react to it. It kind of happened.

all the rest
  • Sheamus and Ricochet decided to put the absolute sausage on for this recorded show, and I’m not mad at him. Ricochet scored the win after Ridge Holland tried to interfere and kinda/Sorta got in the way, costing Sheamus. The two fought in the ring after that. It seems like it’s too early to break up here, but he’s keeping things interesting.
  • Remember two weeks ago when Jimmy Uso beat Eric in a singles match? We had the opposite this week, with Ivar beating Ji Uso. He won by stripping, but still. At least the Viking raiders got their gear back, I think.
  • Drew McIntyre interrupted a promotion where he told some jokes that they called some laughter, Madcap Moss told another bad joke, and promises were made that the takedown room would be “the night that laughter dies.” This is a line that works well on paper but it’s very cheesy here, especially since it comes from the guy with a big comic sword that he could never use.
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There’s some slack to give for WWE here, considering they had to score that for the World Travel Account but there wasn’t much to offer.

Grade: D +

Your turn.

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