June 20, 2024

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Xbox Leak Takedown hits the official account for its shooter

Xbox Leak Takedown hits the official account for its shooter

The characters in Redfall pin a vampire as it reaches towards the camera.

picture: Bethesda / Arkan

Redfall, Arkane’s new co-op, simsive-sim, vampire slayer is coming out on May 2nd, of course the game leaked on Twitter. Meanwhile, the title’s official Twitter account is doing its usual round of fanfare promotional posts. However, the timing of these two forces can lead to some complications. If you had checked the account today, you might have noticed that the banner image had been gone for about 30 minutes due to a “report by the copyright holder,” as it says in the text. Odd for an official account, but perhaps not too unexpected given the volatile nature of Twitter these days.

Under Elon Musk’s “leadership”, Twitter has seen massive staff cuts and wild shifts in its own policies, such as fixing blue flags and eroding trust and safety policies, including Remove the prohibition policy “Mislead or kill transgender people.” Copyright issues have also been of note lately. In late 2022, Twitter Witnessed a wave of copyright violations When their automated systems to remove copyrighted material malfunctioned. In January 2023, Backgrid, a celebrity photography agency, File a lawsuit against the bird site for $228.9 million over thousands of ignored DMCA requests to remove her images from the site. Months later, Musk said so Twitter will not tolerate “Outrageously Frequently Use of Weapons” for takedown notices, but will still apply them when necessary. Now it appears that some “friendly fire” has hit the official Redfall Twitter account, briefly removed the account’s private banner as Bethesda and Microsoft worked to crack down on leaks of the upcoming co-op shooter.

Twitter user PMS Jordan discovered the issue, and shared a screenshot to RedfallThe Twitter account that showed a sad scene: an image of a banner replaced with a gray nothingness and a text notification that simply said, “This image was removed in response to a report from the copyright owner.” Excuse me.

PMS Jordan followed her tweet with screen recording The image that failed to update appears.

Kotaku Microsoft has reached out for comment.

Copyright strikes and DMCA panics have often been the site of Exceeding aggressiveness and poor communicationmostly harminh content makers Who do not have the advantage of having a legal team willing to clear things up. Fortunately for Arkane, the issue appears to have been resolved quickly, but it’s a reminder that copyright on the Internet can still be a minefield of unexpected frustration.

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