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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin meet in Moscow; New US military aid to Kiev


Tony Blair rejects any comparison between Iraq and Ukraine

Twenty years ago, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair pulled the United Kingdom behind the United States in the Iraq war, sparking massive protests in his country. Today, he rejects any comparison between Iraq, the war without a UN mandate, and Ukraine, although Russian President Vladimir Putin used it. “an excuse”.

“There is no legitimate justification for invading a free and sovereign country with a democratic president. [qui ne posait] Nobody’s problem” and not violated “No International Obligation”In an interview with Agence France-Presse and European press agencies ANSA, DPA and EFE, Mr. Blair explained. “If only he hadn’t made that excuse [de l’Irak]He would have used another”says the 69-year-old former Labor leader of Vladimir Putin.

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein sparked two regional wars and launched chemical attacks against his own people in defiance of several UN resolutions, Blair recalled. “At least we can recognize that we have removed a dictator from power [en Irak] try to establish democracy”He defends from his global transformation firm’s offices in central London. “Of course we can discuss all the consequences” He acknowledged the war in Iraq.

But still “We must never forget what Vladimir Putin has done in the Middle East, in Syria. (…) His intervention in the Middle East helped keep a dictator in power and deny democracy. Therefore, we should treat all these campaigns with the modicum of respect they deserve.”Mr. Blair adds.

Mr Putin is now the subject of an arrest warrant for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC). “Illegal Deportation” After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian children, according to Moscow, have no legal value.

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