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Xi Jinping praised the superiority of the Chinese model.


The president reaffirmed his “zero Covid” strategy at the opening of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China on Sunday, where he wants to win an undivided third term.

From our correspondent in Asia

To thunderous applause from the audience, Xi Jinping strode onto the stage, stomping the thick red begin his practically third undivided term as China’s leader. Beneath the Stalinist trappings of the People’s Congress in Beijing, the Chinese president hailed his achievement during his 20th anniversary speech.e This Sunday, October 16, is the party congress, the biggest political gathering of the second world power, where he wants to win an extraordinary third term. Seated in a row behind him, seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee, “ Sacred of the Communist regime, lurking in dark robes, applauding some enthusiastically, others more softly, a cup of tea close at hand. Some will no longer be present at the end of this congress, which will reveal the future governing body of the country of 1.4 billion people.

Mao reaffirmed his determination to carry forward the Chinese model, come hell or high water, as the first authoritarian leader. In a tense environment with the United StatesSweeping international criticism Its strict health policy, or the conflict in Ukraine, does not call for a tougher China at a time when China’s growth is collapsing. “ In the face of drastic changes in the international scenario, we maintain our strategic commitment “During the 104-minute speech, Xi was hailed as the leader of a patriotic revival. “A formula that contrasts with the success shown by the campaign in recent years.” The wind of history blows to the east “.

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This Red Prince created the discipline of re-education in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution.” The spirit of struggle “, as a call to rally in the face of the growing challenges facing the country, he struck seventeen times. Pointing out that China is facing a moment before dramatizing the issues “ Important “When Red Strategists Condemn a Formal Strategy” encirclement By Washington. “ He was able to create a sense of urgency to better justify his authority Decrypts former CIA analyst Christopher Johnson. A strong argument for extending his reign beyond the ten years observed by his predecessors. He also defended his authoritarian regime and boasted of bringing pro-democracy protesters to Hong Kong. From chaos to rule ”, thanks to an indispensable National Security Law (NSL).

Addressing Taiwan, Xi Jinping reaffirmed his determination to achieve “. Reunification “By Supporting the Path” peaceful “, before raising the threat of military action if the democratic island refused to fall in line.” We will never refrain from using force and we reserve the right to take all necessary measures. “, he noted.

A continuous health strategy

In light of this opening speech, China should still be permanently barred behind the Great Wall of Inverted Isolation on the planet. Xi reaffirmed his strategy Zero covid », was established as a nationalist ideology, and a symbol of the superiority of the Chinese model in the face of the presumed weakness of Western democracies. is in Beijing Protected the safety and health of the people to the highest degree and achieved significant positive results “said the 69-year-old leader, justifying this relentless health strategy, marked by repeated mandatory PCR tests against the blockade and Omicron. The regime boasts of officially registering 5,226 Covid deaths, compared to more than a million deaths in the United States. Investors believe the country will reopen after Congress. And the confidence of many locals was dashed in an editorial by the People’s Daily, which called the approach followed by most of the world “ Living with the virus », was condemned as a sign of weakness. The basic Chinese health system is at the mercy of an epidemic wave that Beijing’s decision could cause many more deaths in people deprived of Messenger RNA vaccines from Western laboratories.

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Congress opened, and the 2,400 delegates needed to ratify it without a shot, less than a week after the new team negotiated bitterly behind the scenes for months. If Xi’s renewal is beyond doubt, the identity of the clan “ Seven », or even « New In particular, the next prime minister will say how far the Leninist leader has been able to extend his power over the apparatus, or whether he still has to agree with pockets of opposition.

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