June 21, 2024

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“Xi Jinping, resign!” chanted Shanghai demonstrators against the “Zero Covid” policy.

“Xi Jinping, resign!” chanted Shanghai demonstrators against the “Zero Covid” policy.

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3:39 p.m : Tonight in #Shanghai we’re showing white papers. “No need to write anything, everyone knows why we’re here” or how to make fun of #censorship in #China in #2022 #1984 #KGB #บัวิม #ค้วิมีย้ #Covid19 #ZeroCovid https://t.co/ovhs5mPuZp

3:38 p.m : #China protests against #controls #controls #inspection #QRCode #Censorship tonight are growing and spreading in #Beijing #Canton #Wuhan #Zhengzhou #Nanking #Shanghai. @francetvchine https://t.co/iy3oQg4qg7

3:38 p.m : #shanghai #tensionsstreet #wulumukhi. More youth than yesterday raised slogans about freedom against #zero #Covid19. For the first time “Show the world #China I can’t upload these videos!” “Arrests. https://t.co/PT559Hpm2N

3:45 p.m : Arrests were made in Shanghai, where scores of people took to the streets to protest the Chinese government’s “zero Covid” policy. A reporter for France Televisions in China shares one protester’s appeal on Twitter: “Show China to the world, upload these videos, I can’t do it!”

1:27 p.m : #Shanghai protesters chanting the now famous Beijing Banner Man slogan, “We don’t want PCR tests, we want freedom” 1 month ago, 10 Euros couldn’t have been bet. 🇨🇳 This will be shouted in the open today. https://t.co/bBjXewzXpd

2:05 p.m : “We don’t need PCR tests, we want freedom.” According to the German media’s correspondent in Beijing Die ZeitProtests against the “Zero Covid” policy and its strict restrictions continue.

12:19 p.m : It’s time to review the midday news:

Anger is growing in China against the draconian “zero Covid” policy the government has implemented for nearly three years. Protests broke out in several cities across the country this morning. including ShanghaiProtesters there demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping. Follow our life.

As Minister of the Armed Forces Sébastien Lecornu said, France is one of the five countries providing the most military aid to Q? Indeed, its weight in international military aid is difficult to estimate. There is our true or false cell Thinking about this question.

• The French who heat themselves with wood Can benefit from state aid ranging from 50 to 200 eurosThey will be able to claim from December 22, subject to income conditions, Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal announced in an interview. Parisian.

• Then an investigation for culpable homicide was initiated 14-year-old boy dies During a fight. According to the Versailles prosecutor’s office, the tragedy happened after an MMA fight at the Coignières (Yvelines) gymnasium. France Bleu Paris reports.

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12:07 p.m : Arrested in #Shanghai https://t.co/sbEAS5UHi5

12:07 p.m : Heavy police presence near Wulumuqi Street in #Shanghai tonight. #Shanghai protest #ZeroCovid. https://t.co/M0V0VFXr3q

12:07 p.m : In Shanghai, police intervened to disperse protesters, journalists following the situation reported on Twitter.

11:20 am : I have lived in China for four years and I can confirm this widespread panic. Green symbols are mandatory everywhere, every day, even going home. At the same time, Covid tests on the streets are very rare. Not to mention extended quarantines in different cities. The overall result: many people lose their jobs. Doubt arises in people’s minds. With the broadcast of the World Cup football match, the Chinese have discovered that they are the only ones who have not made any progress in the fight against Covid in three years. An enthusiasm now translated into repeated demonstrations. But censorship is at work and it’s hard for people to know what’s going on. Russia or China, the media is the same. Thanks for broadcasting! 🙏🏻

11:10 am : In the comments, a man who lived in China for many years shares his experience with the strict restrictions imposed by Beijing. His testimony shed light on the anger animating Chinese today, many of whom have been protesting in several cities across the country. Thanks to him!

11:06 : More #Wuhan residents are taking to the streets, local source says https://t.co/mzVDf9ieGs

11:04 am : #Wuhan #China where we (bravely) protest against the #Zerocovid policy and repeated #restrictions. #China during #Covid19 https://t.co/bhyIesyIjS

11:06 : Protests also erupt in Wuhan against “zero Covid” policy By France Televisions correspondent Arnold Miguet and journalist Julien Zhang in Beijing International mail.

11:01 am : I am going home now. I just want to add how awesome this is. I’ve never seen anything like this in my decade of reporting on China. The anger seems overwhelming. Wonder what will happen next.

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11:00 p.m : “I want to stress that what’s happening is incredible. It’s the first time I’ve seen it in 10 years covering China.”A journalist from Dutch media outlet Dru said on Twitter last night.

10:56 : “Down with the Communist Party!” Overheard in #Shanghai last night “”These words haven’t been spoken publicly in #China since 1989”, says one resident this Sunday after a night of protests by hundreds of young people. https://t.co/IHsrsvZPm4

10:56 : This happened last night in #Sangai. Spread thread (unstitched). The anger stems from the draconian measures Beijing has imposed to maintain its #zeroCovid strategy. #China https://t.co/QfDUoLW2QR

11:00 p.m : Anger stems from extreme measures imposed as part of Beijing’s “Zero Covid” strategy. Shanghai Correspondent Echoes In a country that clamps down on any form of dissent, he tweets images and testimonies collected during these unprecedented demonstrations.

09:59 : Or lost their lives in a bus transporting people to quarantine facilities?”

09:59 : “Who can accept that a woman in labor suffers from bleeding in front of the hospital without being allowed to leave the house for four months, without food, without medicine for the terminally ill, with no PCR test results?

10:53 : Without food for four months, those suffering from incurable diseases are not allowed to leave the house without medicine, and the B.C.R. Imagine who can accept a woman who gives birth outside the hospital and bleeds due to lack of results. Is it a test? Or people die on the bus that takes them to quarantine ?

On Twitter, DW’s reporter and The Guardian Based in Taiwan, it gives voice to people protesting in Shanghai against government restrictions and its “zero Covid” policy.

10:01 am : They protested with white papers against censorship. In Shanghai, hundreds of people demonstrated in the afternoon against the Chinese government’s “zero Covid” policy, before being dispersed by police, a witness told AFP. Another demonstration had already broken out at dawn in the same city.

09:18 : “Whatever I feel, for a few hours, I am free, and for once, I can say what I want to say”. Hearing this, her friend burst into tears. “This is the first time I’ve seen this in China”, she reasons https://t.co/YTLqDNsNSn

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09:17 : Demonstration in Shanghai in favor of Urumqi and against health policy. Ask the assembled youth “We want freedom, democracy, freedom of the press” (I’ll let the cynics appreciate this last slogan). I have never seen this in China https://t.co/nTSxRre1NP

09:41 : On Twitter, reporter in China the worldRadio France and RFI give platform to young demonstrators. They are venting their emotions in an unprecedented rally in a country where protests are often suppressed.

09:13 : Several hundred students from the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, The demonstration was against the government’s policy to fight against Covid-19. The protest followed another rally overnight at another campus of Peking University and in Shanghai and other cities across the country. (AFPTV)

10:41 am : Here is our first update message:
Anger is growing in China against the draconian “zero Covid” policy the government has implemented for nearly three years. Protests broke out in several cities across the country this morning. including ShanghaiProtesters there demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

Three buildings in Lille (Nord), or a total of 17 residents, were evacuated overnight due to the risk of collapse, France Bleu Nord said. Two weeks after buildings collapsed on Rue Pierre-Mauroy and killed one person, evacuations are on the rise.

• Denmark (2-1), France won The first nation qualified for the Round of 16. Kylian Mbappe gave himself a decisive double (61st, 86th) which was crucial for the Blues. “The first objective has been accomplished“, welcomed Didier Deschamps. Lionel Messi Paved the way for Argentina’s victory Against Mexico (2-0). Lionel Scolani’s men need a win against Poland to avoid drug charges.

A woman was found dead and a dozen people Still missingAfter heavy rain caused a landslide on the Italian island of Ischia off Naples.