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You can play Doom Eternal and N64 games on a $10 desktop calculator


When was the last time you checked into a state of the art cheap desktop calculators? Apparently, it has evolved well after the low cost monochrome LCD screens and now features full color touch screens and enough horsepower to run recent versions of death. How does this thing only cost $10?

If you’ve stayed on top of calculator news, you may have seen some reviews of a device called the GHLBD earlier this month, which looks like a traditional desktop calculator with a basic set of oversized number keys paired with a color display. Although it’s under $25, some have it I found that GHLBD is sold in used online stores For as cheap as $10, where there is YouTube Take Udon—who specialize in covering old slot machines — founded them.

despite of GHLBD only It works as a very basic calculator out of the box (it doesn’t even provide scientific accounts), It turns out that it was made using motherboards and other hardware from older tablets, including a 32-bit quad-core Allwinner A50 processor paired with 1GB of RAM. Even better, he is runs Android 9. All it took was a few swipes and taps on the screen to enable the full launcher on GHLBD so it worksnot automatically Boot into the primary calculator app, and from there, Taki Udon has managed to install a bunch of emulators and ROMs.

I hacked a $10 calculator to run Doom Eternal

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Unfortunately, the calculator’s number buttons don’t generate key symbols when pressed, which means that in order to play games on them, Taki plugged in 8BitDo SN30 Pro is a wireless controller for that via bluetooth. Yes, this calculator also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on board—understandRe just left dormant when shoes to put the calculator.

GHLBD can play everything from NES to N64 to Dreamcast and PSP games just fine-Ish, but even titles dating back to the NES days still show some occasional gratuitous stuttering. In other words, this is not a file A device you should consider If you are interested in going back to the old games. So, we love Anbernik RG35XX.

but GHLBD cannot play the original version of death. I2004 can also run Death 3 Native, with support for on-screen touch controls if you can’t pull up a controller while sitting at your desk at work. And because it’s Android, you can install Steam Link on it, which means a $10 desktop calculator can be used to play games like eternal torment using streaming games.

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