April 13, 2024

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Zac Brown's band cancels Vancouver show after Canada refuses entry

Zac Brown’s band cancels Vancouver show after Canada refuses entry

Zac Brown’s band wasn’t meant for cold weather.

Despite performing in Canada for more than a decade, including twice this year, the Grammy-winning band was denied entry to the country Thursday night.

“Every time we come to Canada we are at the mercy of one border agent who decides who is allowed to work,” lead singer Zach Brown wrote on Facebook. “Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it to the country last night.”

Brown revealed that some crew members had charges on their record for more than 10 years which led to a Canadian Border Patrol agent stopping the group.

The band was scheduled to play at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Friday evening.

Rogers Arena said the show was canceled due to “unforeseen logistical problems,” according to its website. Venue refund all ticket holders after sudden cancellation.

Although the band was likely able to carry on with their scheduled show in Kandyan Harbour, they chose to honor their ties and put Canada in the rear-view mirror of Out In The Middle Tour.

Zac Brown’s band will play in Portland, Oregon, before stopping in California and Arizona.
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“We are a family, a tribe,” Brown said. “We hold on to each other, support each other, and never leave anyone behind.”

The national or national music The band will have a quick makeover and play in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night.

The tour began on April 22 and will run through November 19, and originally consisted of stops in 31 cities in 22 states and territories.

After performing in Portland, Zac Brown Band will finish their West Coast tour with gigs in Los Angeles, Oakland, California and Phoenix.

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“As a squad that prides itself on showing enthusiasm and professionalism, we will always play where we are welcome and appreciated, and we are so sorry we couldn’t be there tonight,” Brown wrote.