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Zelensky proposes that Russia make a “diplomatic exit”, withdrawing from occupied territories without a fight


Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, said that if Russia wants a “diplomatic approach” to settle the war in Ukraine, it should withdraw its forces from the occupied territories without waiting for Ukraine to liberate them by force.

source: Zelenskyy in an interview With the media in Latin America

quotes: “If Russia wants [to take] Diplomatic direction, they must get out before too many people are killed, and we forcefully expel them. I think that’s a big difference. Yes, the result is one on the one hand. [But] i don’t think so. I think we are liberating our lands. And it is very important for me how – to lose people or reduce losses. And then, again, it depends on whether we are ready for any dialogue.”

details: Zelensky emphasized that whether or not Ukraine will remove the occupation of its territory by military means depends only on Russia.

quotes: “Today, our partners see this. And even those countries that are skeptical, for example, Germany, Chancellor Schulz, openly say:“ I think there is nothing to talk about with Russia so that you leave it [Ukrainian] lands. Watch out, not until Ukraine is liberated [it], but until you leave Russia, because that makes sense to me. If you want to talk to me and the civilized world, don’t wait for them to drive you out by force. And they will. because [by] knocking [them] by force and [using] The army we lose people. Time is not a problem – so be it, we don’t get tired for victory. If we beat them by force, then when they are expelled from our lands, what have they to talk to us about? What is the point of talking?

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I think that after that, Russia will look for other leaders who will be able to find an approach to the entire civilized world, to find an opportunity for some people to sit down with them to talk about something, because after what they have done, not ready to have a dialogue with them. [Again, that’s] If we knock [them] Outside by force, that’s why there’s a big difference.”

More detailsZelensky expressed confidence that “any other leadership of the Russian Federation will look for a way out of this situation” and even Russian society “already understands that the issue of its own implosion is a matter of time.”

The president called the statement of the Russian leadership that if Russia loses this war, there will be no war, and the replacement of facts and concepts.

“If we fight to the end and push them back by force, they will certainly not be in the form they are now. Because they will witness a social explosion, and they will lose the state, respect, and a place at the diplomatic table and the army, [they’ll] lose it all. There will be more than one revolution within them. Because of [Russian] The territory is large, different people and different countries live there. That’s why there will be a lot of things [happening]Zelensky said.

According to him, there is no easy way out for the leadership of the Russian Federation today because they are murderers.

“But with the least tangible losses, they can find a diplomatic way out of the situation. This means that we start leaving our lands without bullets, explosions or missiles.

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