May 23, 2024

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Zhelensky says Russian bombings on Kiev are aimed at “insulting the UN”

Zhelensky says Russian bombings on Kiev are aimed at “insulting the UN”

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11:17 pm : “All of this shows Russia’s complete disregard for international law and the United Nations Charter. The message is clear, Russia will not cooperate.

In the microphone of France InfoJean-Maurice Ripert analyzes the significance of the Russian strikes on kyiv during the UN Secretary-General’s visit.

10:50 pm : #BREAKING: Assembly passes bill allowing Lent-lease scheme to help Ukraine, 417-10. The 10 GOP members who voted against were Biggs (AZ), Gosar (AZ), Perry (PA), Gaetz (FL), Massie (KY), Norman (SC), Tiffany (WI), Taylor Green (GA), Bishop (NC). ), Davidson (OH)

10:50 pm : The US House of Representatives voted 417 in favor of the text, which allows Ukraine to expedite arms supplies, and ten against (ten Republican delegates).

10:11 pm : Russian bombs target Kiev amid UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ visit. “Insulting the UN”, Says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. “It says a lot about Russia’s genuine attitude towards international organizations, the efforts of Russian leaders to humiliate the UN and all that the organization stands for.“, He emphasizes in a video released on his Telegram channel.

10:05 pm : We stand in solidarity with the EU member states affected by the decision of Gosprom. Today @EU_Commission and Bulgaria decided to set up 1st Regional Working Group under #RepowerEU

10:05 pm : The head of the European Commission announces the creation of a working group to respond to cuts in Russian gas supply, especially in Bulgaria. “It will coordinate efforts for energy conservation in the region and accelerate decarbonization.”Ursula Von der Leyen writes on Twitter.

9:59 pm : UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres visits Q, “Safe” But “I was shocked” After being affected by the Russian strikes in the evening in the Ukrainian capital, a spokesman for the organization writes in a WhatsApp loop for journalists. “It’s a war zone but it’s shocking what happened near where we were.”

9:16 pm : Russian strikes on kyiv left three injured at this point and they had to be admitted to hospital, kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko notes.

8:48 pm : Besides, if you are negotiating a legislative agreement with another party, or if you have a job, Here is a summary of the last 24 hours of war in Ukraine.

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8:46 pm : Tim We can clearly see a message there, knowing that kyiv was not an immediate military objective for the Russians who had re-focused their attack on the east of the country and that they had not attacked the capital for two weeks.

8:43 pm : Hitting kyiv for the first time in several days while Guterres is there is no way to show Putin that the UN is of no use to him? Especially after the meeting between the two yesterday?

8:41 pm : “I went to Kiev yesterday to walk to the Botanical Garden. There was an airstrike, but I saw a lot of people on the streets, including children and infants. In fact, almost normal life, the northern suburbs were devastated. The Russian army. Do, some cars are less, so traffic jams than before the war Sociological studies 93% of Ukrainians believe that they will win this war.

In the microphone of France InfoTetyana Ogarkova describes kyiv’s mood, where polls show “93% of Ukrainians believe that we will win this war.”

8:26 pm : A British citizen has been killed and another is missing in Ukraine, a British Foreign Office spokesman has said. The ministry did not provide further details about the identity of the two individuals or what they are doing in Ukraine. But according to the British media, both countries volunteered to fight against Russian forces.

8:05 pm : The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, has been the target of strikes this evening, for the first time since the arrival of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and in mid – April. Q’s mayor Vitaly Klitschko confirmed in a telegram “Two strikes” In one of the districts of the capital.

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Joe Biden Announces shipment of new weapons to UkraineAnd aims to raise $ 33 billion to fund further purchases by Congress.

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A breakthrough for Jean Costex? This is not Emmanuel Macron’s first five – year term ending at midnight on May 13.Government spokesman Gabriel Attle said.

Has a new girl Filed a rape complaint Against former TF1 JT presenter Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. He declared himself Defamation case against 16 out of 20 women Who testified against him.

7:39 pm : UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres admits defeat at a press conference in Q with Volodymyr Zhelensky. “Security Council has failed to do what it can to prevent and end this war.”, He declared. He admitted it “Source of great frustration, frustration and anger”.

6:34 p.m. : Russian gas ban or not, we have the heart to celebrate Gosprom. The Russian gas company 2021 is announcing an exceptional year, with a sharp increase in net profit (over 28 billion euros) in the wake of the post-epidemic economic recovery and increased demand for hydrocarbons.

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Joe Biden told a news conference from the White House that the United States had provided Ukraine with 10 anti-tank weapons for each Russian tank. The US president will increase pressure on Moscow by asking Congress for a $ 33 billion budget expansion to provide more military aid to kyiv. Follow our lives.

This is not Emmanuel Macron’s first five – year term ending at midnight on May 13.However, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said “Cabinet not yet convened next week”. We will not know much about the time left for Jean Costex to lead this government. Follow our lives.

நீதி Judicial inquiry has started after the government report Private Group Orpea, Manager of Ehpad, Suspected of corporate misconduct and embezzlement of public funds. The report was sent to the public prosecutor’s office on March 28 after an administrative investigation by the government. “Severe malfunctions” in the management of nursing homes Of the group.

Has a new girlfriend Filed a rape complaint Against former TF1 JT presenter Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. He declared himself Defamation case against 16 out of 20 women Who testified against him.

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5:26 p.m. : Joe Biden announces US supply of 10 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine for each Russian tank. US President sends a message to Vladimir Putin: “You will never dominate Ukraine.”

5:24 p.m. : Support for Ukraine is expensive but not by the United States “Stay away”, Added Joe Biden from the White House. In the US House of Representatives, despite the unanimous support for kyiv, debates have stalled over the content of legislation to increase military aid: while Democrats want to add an amendment to it to increase the budget for the anti-Govt struggle. The United States, which the Republicans flatly deny.

5:17 p.m. : “Despite the dangerous rhetoric coming from the Kremlin, we are not attacking Russia, we are helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression.”

The US President is currently holding a press conference from the White House on the situation in Ukraine. The United States has already supplied more than $ 3 billion in weapons to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24.

5:14 p.m. : Joe Biden speaks from the White House. The US president will increase pressure on Moscow by demanding a $ 33 billion budget expansion from Congress to provide more military aid to kyiv.

4:19 p.m. : UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres visits cities of war martyrs in Ukraine He moved to Bootsaw, a suburb of Kiev. “When I look at this horrible site, I realize how important a thorough investigation and accountability isS “, He said.

3:31 p.m. : “Ten soldiers of Russia’s 64th Motorized Rifle Regiment have been charged with aggravated assault on civilians and violating war laws and customs.”, Said the lawyer. French Gents Were sent to this cityIt will help find out the truth about these crimes, which could be investigated by the International Criminal Court in mid-April 14.

3:25 p.m. : Ukraine’s attorney general announced in his telegram that ten Russian soldiers had been charged with crimes committed in Botswana.