May 28, 2024

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5 A French and a Swiss in detention for sexual assault during the meeting

5 A French and a Swiss in detention for sexual assault during the meeting

Five Frenchmen and a Swiss have been charged with sexually assaulting a young woman at a hotel on the tourist island of Majorca – a term in Spanish law that includes the concept of rape.

Five French teenagers and a Swiss teenager accused of “sexually assaulting” a group of young Britons have been jailed on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, the Spanish Balearic archipelago’s civil guard said on Wednesday.

The facts “happened at dawn on Monday at a hotel in Magalup, and those arrested are already in jail by order of a judge,” said a spokesman for the Civil Police. “The civil guard is continuing the investigation opened for sexual assault,” he said, unable to give further details.

According to a Spanish newspaper, the world, the young woman accompanied six men to their hotel. They allegedly assaulted the victim in the room where they lived. The latter managed to leave the room to call for help.

“Ethyl Tourism”

Local newspapers say six young men have been charged with rape, but a Civil Guard spokesman assured AFP that the grounds for investigation did not specify the nature of the rape. In Spain, “sexual assault” is a criminal category that includes several crimes.

Most popular among young Europeans, Magaluf is a seaside resort in the west of Majorca that is one of the centers of “ethyl tourism” on this Mediterranean island.

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