March 4, 2024

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7 Unfamiliar Ways AT&T "Will" Predict the Future

7 Unfamiliar Ways AT&T “Will” Predict the Future

Image of the article titled 6 Ways Uncanny AT &  T Ads predicted the future in 1993

screenshot: Lukas Roebuck / YouTube

In 1993, the telecommunications giant AT&T launched an advertising campaign that somehow predicted many aspects of how we work and live today. The ad series “You Will,” directed by famed suspense master David Fincher, was an eerily accurate look at what life would look like in the mid-2000s. Ads narrated by former Magnum B Star and professional mustache, Tom Selleck, imagine a series of scenarios involving gadgets and technology that didn’t yet exist.

“Have you ever *insert something we’re all doing now*? Well, you will!” Selleck will say at the beginning of each ad. And which company will provide it to you? AT&T,” he added, at the end of each ad. The campaign predicted A number of technological developments that will determine Decades to come like tablets, Smart TVs, remote work, smart watches, And the smart home appliances.

However, the central prediction of the announcement was wrong. like Vox pointed Two years ago, while these announcements were “remarkably accurate in predicting cutting-edge technologies” that would arrive soon, they ultimately missed the fact that the company that “would bring it to you” wasn’t AT&T. Instead, the post noted, it would be a whole bunch of startups that didn’t even exist at the time.

Having said that, it’s kind of weird to stress out all the things you’ve got “will” truly about the future.

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