April 13, 2024

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8 children died after eating sea turtle

8 children died after eating sea turtle

Eight children and a woman have died after eating sea turtle meat in the Zanzibar archipelago. According to officials, 78 people were hospitalized.

A major epidemic affects Tanzania's Zanzibar archipelago. As reported Heavenly message, 78 people were hospitalized after consuming sea turtle meat, a popular local specialty. 9 people died including 8 children.

Eating sea turtle meat can cause chelonitoxism, a rare but dangerous food poisoning. No antidote is known to counteract the addiction.

Symptoms can be severe: they can range from simple nausea to a sore throat. Other patients experience partial paralysis or fall into a coma.

Local authorities have sent a team to Pemba Island to manage the health crisis. It was able to trace the origins of all events to a meal containing a sea turtle eaten on Tuesday, March 5.

Previous pandemic in 2021

According to Skynews, Minister Hamza Hassan Juma has openly asked people not to consume food made from this marine animal. For good reason, it was the second deadliest pandemic of the decade.

In November 2021, a three-year-old child and six adults died after consuming this food on Pemba Island. Three others were hospitalized.

Explained on the description page leaveTurtle-borne chelonitoxism has been “linked to poisonous algae eaten by turtles”.

Highly educated people

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