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“A King’s Affection” became the first K-drama to win international Emmys


“The King’s Affection” took home an award at the 50th International Emmys!

At the ceremony, which opened in New York on November 21 local time, the drama went on to win Best Telenovela, beating out other nominees including “Nos Tempos do Imperador” from Brazil, “Two Lives” from Spain, and “You’re My Hero” from China.

Championship “King’s Passion” park eun bin and SF9’s Roonis a story set during the Joseon Dynasty when giving birth to twins was an ominous sign. When Crown Princess Consort gives birth to twins, the daughter is sent away, only to return later dressed in a man’s clothes to become the crown princess after her twin brother’s death. The drama won praise for the deep emotions it conveyed to viewers across the world.

The drama and its cast also garnered much attention as they won multiple awards such as the International Competition Award at the 17th Seoul Drama Awards and the Best Actor Award at the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards. 49th Korea Broadcasting Awards.

Lee Geon Joon, President of KBS Drama Center, commented, “I am very happy that ‘The King’s Affection’ won its first International Emmy Award as a Korean drama, and I am glad that Korean dramas are receiving all the recognition.” He added, “I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility during this time when Korean content is receiving so much love around the world. We will do our best so that KBS dramas can play a big role in maintaining Korean potential.” [entertainment] Content.”

Congratulations to the ‘King’s Passion’ cast and crew on their victory!

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