April 13, 2024

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A law criminalizing illegal entry into Texas territory was again suspended by the Court of Appeals

A law criminalizing illegal entry into Texas territory was again suspended by the Court of Appeals

A controversial Texas law criminalizing illegal entry into the Mexico border state was suspended once again on Tuesday, March 19, after a contrary decision by the US Supreme Court.

The U.S. Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, lifted the suspension of the law on Tuesday, citing its decision for purely practical reasons. This was to temporarily allow the implementation of the speech, which was originally scheduled for March 5, but was blocked by a federal court in the southern United States.

But on Tuesday evening, a federal appeals court again put the law on hold.

A declared supporter of Donald Trump, who made rejection of immigration a central axis of his campaign, Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, has for months openly flouted the authority of Democratic President Joe Biden's administration. He blames her“Willful Inaction” Faced with the influx of immigrants he describes“Invasion”.

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“Confusion and Confusion”

The law, known as “SP4,” signed by the governor in December, creates a “Unlawful entry into Texas from a foreign country is a criminal offense.”, a repeat offense is punishable by imprisonment for six months or up to twenty years. Giving state authorities the power to arrest migrants and deport them to Mexico is contested by the Ministry of Justice, pro-migrant NGOs and the local community.

Ahead of the speech's new suspension, the White House condemned the Supreme Court's decision in a press release. “Allowing harmful and unconstitutional Texas law to take effect”She said that “Sermera[it] Chaos and Confusion on the Southern Border ».

The Mexican Foreign Ministry warned on Tuesday that Texas would refuse to welcome back any migrants, even Mexicans, expelled. “Mexico will not, under any circumstances, accept extradition by the State of Texas.”He declared.

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irreparable damage”

Earlier, an ultraconservative appeals court lifted a stay imposed by a federal trial judge, subject to a Supreme Court order. Three progressive justices of the nation's highest court on Tuesday distanced themselves from the decision by six other conservative justices. Court of Appeal “Before allowing the law to take effect, the constitutionality and irreparable harm caused by the law must be considered”Sonia Sotomayor wrote one of them. “This Court makes the same mistake”she adds.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, he said the law would not prevent migrants waiting to cross the border into Mexico from trying to do so.

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