June 25, 2024

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A maximum of three candidates can contest for the post of Prime Minister

A maximum of three candidates can contest for the post of Prime Minister

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10:55 p.m : Here are three pieces of content published on our site today:

• Between political errors, “arrogance” and a poor reading of the economic situation, Fabian Janic-Cherbonal Tells the story of six weeks of hell The conservative government leader was forced to resign.

While a rally was organized this evening in memory of Lola, a 12-year-old schoolgirl who was killed in Paris, especially in the presence of Eric Zemor, Juliet Campion and Antoine Comte look back on five days Media and political expansion.

Fabian Magneno Describes a strategy of “electrical chaos”. At the heart of the war in Ukraine, or when the Kremlin wants to tour an entire country.

8:28 p.m : The evening’s news has been loaded, but let’s take a few minutes to summarize the essentials:

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne has committed the government’s responsibility for the revenue part of the Social Security Fund Bill (PLFSS) back to the National Assembly through Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows the text to be adopted without a vote. , apart from the censorship movement. Follow our life.

Ali Riza Bolat, the main accused in the appeal hearing of the January 2015 attacks, Sentenced to life imprisonmentWith a twenty-year immunity period for complicity in 17 murders. Charlie HebdoAt Montrouge and HyperCacher.

• British Prime Minister slams the door. They competed for weeksincluding its majority, Liz Truss has announced her resignation. Here’s a recap of 45 tumultuous days That she came to power.

Ardèche is placed on orange alert For rain and flood risk.

7:20 p.m : Rishi Sunak, the favorite former candidate of Conservative MPs, Benny Mordant, the militant favorite at the start of the campaign, Ben Wallace, Jeremy Hunt, a potential figure of Conservative Party unity, is considered, despite being an experienced minister. Unglamorous, or even Boris Johnson, he will make his big comeback… We list the possible candidates for Liz Truss’s successor.


7:22 p.m : “Candidates must have at least 100 peers (out of 357 Conservative MPs, editor’s note) to sponsor”Majority Officer Graham Brady told reporters. These sponsorships must be collected by Monday 2pm local time and selected by the following Friday.

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7:14 p.m : Under rules put forward by the Conservative Party, a maximum of three Conservative MPs can be official candidates to succeed Liz Truss as Prime Minister before being elected by MPs and MPs.

6:38 p.m : He would go on to become the shortest-serving Prime Minister in the modern history of the United Kingdom for 45 days. Liz Truss has tendered her resignation after a tumultuous month and a half in power. Here’s a timeline of his hellish six weeks at 10 Downing Street.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns at the Conservative Party Congress on October 5, 2022 in Birmingham (United Kingdom).  (Paul Ellis/AFP)

(Paul Ellis/AFP)

6:03 p.m : At 6 PM, we rewind the news of the day:

• After 45 days, the British Prime Minister knocks on the door. They competed for weeksincluding its majority, Liz Truss has announced her resignation. The Conservative Party will nominate a new government leader by October 28. Follow our life.

• Day after start Article 49.3 of the Constitution Representatives continue to examine the Social Security budget to adopt the first part of the 2023 funding bill. The first article of the speech was rejected by the opposition. Follow our life.

Ardèche has been put on orange alert For rain and flood risks from 8 p.m

• EU leaders meet in Brussels today and tomorrow to try to overcome their divisions and find a common response to the energy crisis. Twenty-seven are particularly divided on the question of a cap on the price of gas used to generate electricity.

5:58 p.m : The war of succession is open. After Liz Truss resigns, an internal referendum within the Conservative Party should make it possible to appoint a future government leader across the channel. Here are the possible candidates to succeed the interim Conservative leader.

5:22 p.m : Hello @Jildal And @VinceD! In 45 days in power, Liz Truss effectively signed the shortest mandate at the helm of the British government. The previous record was held by George Canning (119 days in 1827). According to a British newspaper GuardianLiz Truss also compiles a ranking of world leaders who have been in power for the shortest period of time.

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5:22 p.m : Is it a record for a British Prime Minister to stay so short?

5:22 p.m : Liz Truss breaks short-lived record in British history?

4:55 p.m : What a sense of time! Amid political news across the channel, the trailer for season 5 crown Just found out. The series, which follows the history of the British monarchy, is scheduled to return on November 9 on Netflix.


4:31 p.m : It’s not impossible! The prospect of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s return home has been making headlines in the British press for weeks. But this path is blocked by size balls. His exit is not far off due to subsequent scandals, including Downing Street parties flouting health controls, and also places some responsibility on him for the current debacle.

(Kirsty O’Connor/AFP)

4:31 p.m : Hello Bojo can you come back?

4:28 p.m : “Pressure” On Liz’s dress “Gone Big”Analysis of France Info by Christophe Gillissen, Professor of British Civilization at the University of Cannes. “She has no way out of this crisis, no solution”According to him.


3:42 p.m : A referendum can be held by Friday, October 28 to conclude the election.”said Graham Brady, one of the leaders of the Conservative Party. Note that the process of appointing Liz Truss by around 170,000 members of the ruling party took place two months after Boris Johnson left.

(Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament/AFP)

3:38 p.m : The Majority Leader announces that the new British Prime Minister will be appointed by the Conservative Party by October 28.

3:36 p.m : Not exactly @An English, Winston Churchill served under both George VI and Elizabeth II. Before him, Stanley Baldwin served as Prime Minister under George V, Edward VIII and George VI. However, Liz Truss was the first woman to head a government under two sovereigns, as Margaret Thatcher only knew Elizabeth II. For full and ancient history, I invite you to consult the list of Heads of British Government.

3:29 p.m : Liz Truss will make history as the first Prime Minister to serve under two reigns, HM Elizabeth II and HM Charles III.

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3:13 p.m : Britain’s opposition leader, Labor Keir Starmer, has called for an early parliamentary election “Now”. The new call from the Labor leader comes after Liz Truss announced an internal Conservative Party referendum will be held to choose her successor. “By the end of next week”.

3:00 p.m : On the sidelines of the Twenty Seven Summit in Brussels, Emmanuel Macron reacts to Liz Truss’ resignation announcement. “We had many meetings and they were always very constructive”, says the French President. And add to it “France wants stability above all” From the United Kingdom.


2:59 p.m : Liz Truss announced that an internal vote would be held within the majority “By the end of next week” A successor must be appointed.

2:50 p.m : specifically, His first budget marked the start of his mandate, to deal with the energy crisis by giving tax cuts to the wealthy and partly funded new spending. Under pressure from financial markets and elected Conservatives, the former MP for Norfolk Abandoned most of his plans and had to fire his finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

2:40 p.m : The conservative head of government has been mired in political crisis for weeks. His political errors and his misreading of the economic situation were pointed out even within his majority.

(Daniel Leal/AFP)

2:35 p.m : British Prime Minister Liz Truss she declares “Submit his resignation” To King Charles III.

2:33 p.m : The British Minister assured that he had sent “concerns” His Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu responded on October 10 “Investigation has been conducted into the circumstances of the incident and it is a technical fault of the SU-27.”.

2:32 p.m : The United Kingdom accuses the Russian Air Force of firing a missile near a British aircraft that was patrolling over the Black Sea on September 29. The Royal Air Force’s civilian variant was the RC-35 “Blocked” In international airspace, “Two armed Su-27s”British Defense Minister Ben Wallace told MPs.