Sunday, July 21, 2024

A new night punctuated by Russian bombers and warning sirens


Cover Image: Debris and a crater caused by a Russian missile in Kramatorsk, eastern Donetsk region. June 19, 2023. Zhenya Savilov / AFP

  • Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday, June 19 that a SAMP/T surface-to-air defense system has been delivered to Ukraine. The SAMP/T Mamba is the first European medium-range anti-missile system. It is thought to help Ukraine counter-attacks from Russian drones, missiles and aircraft. Paris announced the distribution in early February, equivalent to the US Patriot.
  • The Ukrainian president, in his speech on Sunday evening, referred Moscow to its own responsibilities. “Russia will lose the occupied territories. No, there won’t be [d’autres options que] Our “holiday” activitiesVolodymyr Zelensky said. Our troops are advancing, and by mail, step by step, we are advancing. »
  • Khakovka Dam: UN says Russia is blocking aid to disaster victims Russia was accused by the United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine on Sunday of blocking aid to victims of the destruction of a dam in areas under its control in southern Ukraine.
  • Official flood figures have been revised upwards. Flooding caused by the destruction of the Khakovka dam has caused sixteen deaths in Ukraine, according to officials in Kiev, while Russia, for its part, reports twenty-nine deaths in territories it controls.
  • Ukrainian forces destroy an ammunition depot “Important” Close to the port of HeniseskThe Kherson region was occupied by Russia, Sergei Bratchuk, a spokesman for Odessa’s military administration, said Sunday.
  • Ukrainian forces are said to have captured Piatikatki. “Enemy ‘wave’ of attack pays off despite heavy losses”, Vladimir Rogov, the Russian occupation official in the Zaporizhia region, announced on Sunday. For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry said it had foiled the attack on Byatikadki. This information could not be immediately independently verified.
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