May 29, 2024

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According to Kiev, the Russian rope is loosening in Kharkiv

According to Kiev, the Russian rope is loosening in Kharkiv on the mapZoom in


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  • Volodymyr Zhelensky announced on Tuesday evening that the Russian threat was over Kharkov, Shell the second city in Ukraine since the end of February. “Cherkasy, Taisky, Rusky Daisky, Rubisney and Byrak released” In the area of ​​this large city in the northeast of the country, said Ukrainian public servants. “Thus, the enemy was pushed back even further from Kharkiv”, but “Intensification of shelling intensifies in Kharkiv district”.
  • In the southeast, Russian forces again shelled the Azovstal steel plant. Like MariupolDozens of people, soldiers and civilians are still missing. “Dozens of strikes”, “Every hour”In the Telegram, Petro Andriouchchenko, deputy mayor of this port city taken by the Russians and almost completely destroyed.
  • NearbyOdessa, “Psychological pressure continues on Transnistria’s neighbors” With “Possible blockade of the region due to the dismissal of the Dinester Bridge, which was again hit by missiles”, Advanced the Ukrainian command to the south. According to Washington, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going to stand in the Donbass and wants more “To expand” Conflict up TransnistriaPart of Moldova, which seceded in 1990.
  • On the US aid side to Ukraine, The House of Representatives On Tuesday evening, following Joe Biden’s and his unwavering support for kyiv, a shocking envelope worth nearly $ 40 billion was accepted. The speech, voted on by elected officials from both camps, contained economic and humanitarian elements, but also weapons and ammunition. It must now be voted on in the Senate by the weekend or early next week, before it can be announced by the US President.
  • Is KievRussia has evacuated most of its residents since the start of the invasion and nearly two-thirds of the capital’s 3.5 million people have returned, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko announced Tuesday.
  • Leonid Kravzuk, the first president of independent Ukraine, has died At 88 years old. He was the last President of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine from 1990 to 1991, and he served as the first President of Independent Ukraine from 1991 to 1994.
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