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Arizona Cardinals QP Keeler Murray


Keeler Murray He posted on Instagram Monday that “all this bullshit isn’t what I’m up to” and vowed to “grow and improve,” a day after sources described ESPN’s Chris Mortensen from Arizona Cardinals quarterback as a self-centered, immature and finger-pointing person.

“I play this game for the love of her, my teammates, everyone who helped me get to this position that believed in me and win trophies. All this bullshit is not what I think, never would, I would never be. Anyone who has ever stomped between these Lines with me knows how hard it is,” he wrote. “Love me or hate me but I will continue to grow and improve.”

Mortensen reported via sources on Sunday that Murray, who recently deleted any reference to the Cardinal from his Instagram account, is frustrated with the franchise, embarrassed about the team’s 34-11 loss to the Los Angeles Rams and believes he has become a scapegoat. .

Meanwhile, Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury is said to be self-exploring to find better ways to help Murray, and a select team of veterans are hoping to reach out to Murray on how the 24-year-old can best deal with adversity, sources told Mortensen.

Despite the acrimony, the Cardinals expect things to calm down and Murray to be the middle, now and in the future, Mortensen reported.

Murray recently cleared his Instagram account of all but two posts, one of which was uniformed for the Oklahoma Sooners from 2018 and the other featured nine photos of him from this year’s Pro Bowl.

Murray is heading into the final year of his junior contract, and Arizona has until May 2 to pick his fifth year option. However, Murray is also eligible to negotiate a new deal now that he has completed his third season.

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He is currently slated to earn a base salary of $965,000 in 2022, but with an existing bonus of $4.5 million fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the recurring year, Murray will receive approximately $5.4 million.

If Murray wants a new deal before his fourth season in the NFL, he’ll have recent precedent to point to. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen He secured a six-year, $258 million contract in early August, before beginning his fourth season.

In his three seasons in the NFL, Murray has claimed the Rookie of the Year and two Pro Bowls, but this season was the first time the Cardinal made the playoffs.

ESPN’s Josh Winfuss contributed to this report.