May 20, 2024

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Astros and Ryan Presley agree to extension

Astros and Ryan Presley agree to extension

Mushroom and Savior Ryan Pressley They agree to a two-year extension of $30 million, Per Robert Murray from FanSided. There is also a maturity option for 2025 that could have a deal value of up to $42 million. Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Pressly will make $14 million in 2023 and 2024, along with a $2 million purchase of a 2025 option. (Twitter links) Chandler Roma of the Houston Chronicle pass That $14 million option for 2025 will have 50 appearances in both 2023 and 2024. Represents Presley Scott Lonergan of Ballengee Group.

This is the second time in Presley’s career that he has signed an extension with the Astros while he was away from free agency for a year. In March of 2019, the two sides agreed to a two-year extension that came with a $17.5 million guarantee, covering the 2020 and 2021 campaigns, along with a $10 million vesting option for 2022. There is an urgent need to make 60 appearances in each of the campaigns. 2020 and 2021 campaigns in order to give the option, which he did. (In the abbreviated 2020 campaigns, all thresholds of this type were divided by 2.7, which means that Pressly’s 23 games counted as over 62 impressions.) Once again, Pressly was closed to prevent it from accessing the open market.

As noted by MurrayThe deal makes Pressly one of the best paid sedatives in baseball and is the largest contract ever awarded to an Astros takedown specialist. The fact that the Astros are willing to commit Presley in this way is no surprise based on his performance. Just months before the first extension, Houston acquired Pressly from Minnesota in a 2018 deadline deal. After the trade, Presley took his game to new heights, something he is credited later To the Analytics Department in Houston. As a 2018 twin, he gave 47 2/3 runs with a 3.40 ERA rate, 33.2% strike rate and 9.1% walking rate. Although these were indeed quality numbers, his action after trade resulted in an Era of 0.77 over 23 1/3 rounds with a 38.1% strike rate and 3.6% walk rate.

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Although Presley couldn’t quite maintain the flashy level of that young sample, he remains one of the league’s best loyalists since signing his previous deal. In the past three seasons, he’s scored 139 1/3 runs with a 2.45 ERA rate, 33% strike rate, and 5.8% walking rate. Among the balms that had at least 130 rounds at the time, only traces of his era Liam Hendricks And the Josh HaderThis strike rate is seventh and walking rate is sixth.

Now 33, this deal will keep Presley in Houston through his 35-year season, and possibly for another year after that with a vesting option. As for the Astros, they hit a franchise record last year with salaries of $187 million, According to the cribs baseball contracts. For this season, their price has dropped to around $174 million, According to Jason Martinez of List Resources. This is largely due to allowing some players to walk, such as Carlos Correa And the Zack Greenk. When this extension begins next year, there may be more flexibility in payroll, such as Michael BrantleyAnd the Yuli GourielAnd the Jason CastroAnd the Edmis Diaz And the Rafael Monteiro They are all set for free agency access. There are also many players who have options for next year, such as Justin VerlanderAnd the Jake OdoreseAnd the Pedro Baez And the Martin Maldonado. This means that prior to this extension, there were only four players with guaranteed contracts for the 2023 campaign: Jose AltoveAnd the Alex BergmanAnd the Lance McCullers Jr. And the Hector Neres.

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In the end, the Astros have one of the best thinners in the game for a few more years, while Pressley gets the biggest paycheck of his career, paying him like the elite bowler he is.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.