April 22, 2024

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At the center of all the rumors is President Lukashenko’s health

Belarusian leader weakened during May 9 celebrations in Moscow. Several elements suggest that he may be ill.

Hugues Maillot

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Alexander Lukashenko attended the May 9 military parade in Moscow. GAVRIIL GRIGOROV / AFP

It is “Unexpected in these last hours in Moscow“, writes Arnaud Dubien, director of the Franco-Russian Observatory on Twitter. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, There have been many rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health. This time, it is the turn of his staunch ally, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, to be at the center of speculation. During the celebration on May 9,Victory DayAgainst Nazi Germany in Russia and many countries of the former Soviet Union, autocracy weakened.

Military parade in Moscow reduced to a minimum Bringing together hand-picked guests and six foreign heads of state”FriendsFrom Russia: Presidents of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, Armenian Prime Minister and Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus for 28 years without interruption.

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Anxiety signals

The latter arrived in an electric vehicle at the level of the stands in Red Square, where he limped and appeared exhausted, as shown by numerous photographs and videos of the event. . Various leaders then walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and laid wreaths there to pay their respects. But the President of Belarus made this short trip in the same electric vehicle.

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Even more surprising, Alexander Lukashenko skipped the lunch organized in the Kremlin, which was attended by other heads of state. It is unlikely that the Belarusian president, who is one of Moscow’s most active allies in the war against Ukraine, was not invited to the event. In February 2022, Russia actually used the territory of Belarus as its launch pad “Special Military Operations“. Recently, even Vladimir Putin announced Installation of tactical nuclear weapons in its neighboring country.

After the ceremonies, Lukashenko hastily left Moscow and joined Minsk. During commemorations in the Belarusian capital, he allowed his defense minister to give a speech in his place, for the first time since the start of his rule. On this occasion, he did not traditionally wear a military uniform for the event.

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Secrecy of health status, a legacy of the Soviet Union

Since then, there have been rumors about the health of the Belarusian leader. For now, the country’s authorities do not want to comment on the matter. According to the American site Newsweek, Belarusian political scientist Artyum Shreibman notes that “Several such speculations have surfaced in recent years“, some believe that Lukashenko”near his deathbed“. But these rumors have not materialized so far.

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The health of the leaders of the former Soviet Union is usually subject to complete omerta, a tradition of the Soviet empire. Where secrecy is the true attribute of power. For years, similar rumors have circulated about Vladimir Putin’s health. Last January, the director of Ukrainian military intelligence announced to the American channel ABC News that the Russian leader was “suffering from the disease”.Cancer“a”terminal position“And He’s Going to Die”soon“.

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Shortly after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, several media outlets published a video in which Vladimir Putin seemed to sink into his chair, clinging to a desk and continuing to stifle a laugh of pain. Just replay the old paper on Parkinson’s disease. But as in the case of Lukashenko, this kind of interpretation should be treated with great caution: rumors of all kinds are a powerful tool for destabilization.

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