May 20, 2024

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Australia: What we know about this mysterious 2.5 meter object found on the beach

Australia: What we know about this mysterious 2.5 meter object found on the beach

A cylindrical object was found off the coast of Australia on Sunday, July 16. So far, the authorities have not yet succeeded in identifying the origin of this strange element.

A fun find. An unidentified mysterious object was spotted off the coast of Western Australia on Sunday, July 16 BBC reports. Residents near the beach first alerted the local authorities after spotting a 2.5 meter long and wide metal cylinder at the water’s edge.

Part of the spacecraft?

The police reached the spot, investigated the nature of the cylinder and pacified the people. “We want to assure the community that we are actively working with various federal and state agencies to determine the origin and nature of the object,” police said in a news release.

The Australian Space Agency, which is investigating, thinks it could be an “alien space launch vehicle”. Another theory advanced by experts is that the fuel tank fell from a rocket of Indian origin. In this situation, it may represent some environmental hazard due to the possible presence of toxic substances.

MH370 theory debunked

Some experts interviewed rejected the theory of a part of a plane, particularly the infamous flight MH370, which disappeared in 2014 with 239 passengers aboard. According to aviation expert Jeffrey Thomas, this is highly unlikely.

“It’s not part of the Boeing 777, and nine and a half years ago MH370 was lost sight of, so that part must have suffered a lot of shattering damage,” he explains.

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