April 22, 2024

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Berlin ‘doubts’ Hungary’s ability to hold EU presidency

The German State Secretary for European Affairs shared his reluctance with several members of the European Parliament.

Via Le Figaro with AFP

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German State Secretary for European Affairs Anna Luhmann on Tuesday condemned Hungary’s isolation within the EU. John Theis

German State Secretary for European Affairs Anna Luhrmann said this Tuesday, May 30.Doubtson capacity Hungary To exercise leadership of the councilEU In the second half of 2024, it will echo the concerns of European Parliamentarians.

Hungary, led by nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, “Currently isolated within the EU due to very serious legal issuesThe German official said during a meeting with his European counterparts in Brussels.

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Hungary “leaves doubt”

And, he pointed out, HungaryThere are still doubts about his support for Ukraine in Russia’s brutal war of aggression“. “This is why I have doubts about Hungary’s ability to fulfill the presidency of the Council“, she continued. Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra also expressed his opinionDiscomfortHungary’s EU Presidency Chance “We all feel it“, he promised. Hungarian Justice Minister Judith Varga defended her country’s ability to confirm this rotating presidency by organizing debates.In good faith“.

Hungary already used this rotating presidential system in the first half of 2011. Judith Varga”Political pressureWith this debate in mind, the European Parliament is scheduled to vote on a resolution this Thursday.unconscious“. How about Viktor Orbán’s government”Can he fulfill his mission credibly given his failure to respect EU law and values?», asks the draft resolution, which asks the Council «Please find a solution as soon as possible“.

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The speech was delivered by several main political groups in the chamber – EPP (right), S&D (socialists and democrats), Renew Europe (centrists and liberals), Greens, GUE/NGL (extreme left). The Council of the European Union, in which ministers from member states discuss European law, is chaired by each of the 27 EU countries for six months. Hungary is in a row with Brussels over its failed fight against corruption, media freedom and justice, in response to which the European Union froze billions of euros in EU funds that were supposed to be given to the country. Also, since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Viktor Orbán has refused to help the Kiev military, blaming the policy of economic sanctions against Moscow and maintaining relations with the Kremlin.

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