April 14, 2024

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Brendan Hunt and Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein Talk About the Future of the Show — Deadline

The mystery behind whether Ted Lasso It will continue beyond the conclusion of the third season.

Executive Producer and star Brendan Hunt spoke to Deadline on the Tuesday ahead of the series’ March 15 premiere and heaped praise on the show’s future.

“It’s not necessarily the end of the series. It probably will be the end of this story because we’ve always seen it as a three-parter,” echoing the words of fellow EP Jason Sudeikis, who spoke to Deadline on Monday. “We didn’t even know for sure that we were going to be able to list the three parts — and suddenly, here we are. So, there will be a kind of closure to this beat but the closure is not necessarily the end.”

When asked if the show could continue into season 4 without Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) at the center, Hunt played coy.

“It will be all about Bird being in a new band that he starts and they go to a different tropical location each episode,” he quipped. “I’ve spoken to Tim Cook about it and he’s really excited so I think it’s going to happen.”

Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent and writes for the series, shared his idea for a potential show while expertly avoiding giving a straight answer about the show after the third season. However, he revealed that the season finale would be a proper finale and won’t be left open-ended.

“Everyone is on a journey this season and who knows where that journey will end up?” He said. “Who do you know? I mean, I know because I saw that but you’re going to find out.”

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He added, “Here’s the truth: Five of the main characters die at the end. I think one of the reasons is, ‘Is this the last season?’ Because it depends on whether Jason is open to doing Ghost Ted. I showed him this and he said he’d think about it.” “But I’m not sure how Apple feels about the idea. I think what we’ve done as a creative team constantly surprises people and I don’t think anyone thinks Season 4 is going to see Ted’s ghost haunting lockers.”

What fans can expect from Season 3 is a continuation of Darth Nate’s (Nick Muhammad) journey to the dark side as he attempts to outsmart his nemesis, Ted Lasso. AFC Richmond is the talk of the town but not in a good way. The team needs to up their game if they want to prove everyone wrong about their potential. There will be some new faces to get to know and some who will return for what may be the final season of the Emmy Award-winning series.