May 25, 2024

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Chris Evans has "avoided hosting 'SNL' like the plague for years now" - The Hollywood Reporter

Chris Evans has “avoided hosting ‘SNL’ like the plague for years now” – The Hollywood Reporter

There seems to be a reason why Chris Evans hasn’t done his thing yet Saturday Night Live hosting for the first time.

during ET Canada interview which was posted on Tuesday with Evans and Ana de Armas discussing their upcoming action comedy ghostthe conversation turned to the fact that blond The actress will be celebrating her first leading role SNL With the next episode April 15th. When asked if he would get a cameo in the episode featuring Carol G as a musical guest, Evans explained that a brief appearance would be more appealing to him than hosting an NBC sitcom.

“Well, now I can handle cameos,” Evans replied. “I avoided hosting SNL Like the plague years ago just because I’m so scared. It’s terrifying to me.”

the The Avengers The actor who had a breakout role in the 2001 comedy Not another teen moviehe explained that he assumed he would be fighting anxiety while hosting SNL. “The cameo looks great—that’s perfect,” Evans said. “But hosting, I tip my hat to her. She’s going to be amazing. But it’s going to save me a lot of sleepless nights.”

Later in the interview, Evans admitted his concerns may stem from the star previously feeling ashamed of his ability to laugh. “Maybe I only feel that way because I have very funny friends who once told me I wasn’t a funny person,” he said. “It would just be a daily worry, a constant regret: ‘Why did I do this?'” I could be comfortable in my own home, in my bed, and not worry about it. “

Evans and de Armas, who were also in 2019 Take out the knives And last year gray manstar in ghost As a couple they bond over a date before realizing there’s a lot they don’t know about each other, given that de Armas’ character is actually a secret agent. The movie hits Apple TV+ on April 21st.

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