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Coachella Festival 2022 - LIVE: All the updates from day two as Billie Eilish grabs the headlines

Coachella Festival 2022 – LIVE: All the updates from day two as Billie Eilish grabs the headlines

Harry Styles performs at Coachella and surprises fans with Shania Twain cameos

After a two-year absence, the highly anticipated Coachella is back.

Located in Indio, California, the Desert Festival has gained popularity over the years due to its attractive dress code that is worth mentioning on Instagram and the sighting of celebrity guests.

The festival leads the pack when it comes to innovative collections. two of the best artistsHarry Stiles And billie eilish) is under 30 years old, while at the bottom of the carefully curated bill you will find some of the most sought-after new works – coffeeOh Emil and the Sniffer, Rina Swayama – Mix with old school staples like Spiritualized and The Avalanches.

Find all the updates from this year’s festival below


Disclosure that Khaled and the brass band joined during the high-energy rave group

The last time Surrey-born brothers Howard and Jay Lawrence played Coachella, in 2016, they boosted their live show with a number of notable guest singers including Lorde (for “Magnets”), Sam Smith (for “Latch” and “Omen”) and AlunaGeorge (for “White Noise”).

By such high standards, tonight’s performance was relatively light on surprises – with the exception of Khaled’s late appearance in the first-ever live performance of their 2020 collaboration Know Your Value. Perhaps this is a sign that the Lawrence brothers are now more confident in their ability to keep the Coachella crowd captivated by minimal bells and whistles.

“When the fire starts to burn” the whole crowd moves in unison, while the phone lights flash to light up the “night.” Although the festival played yesterday, there’s no sign of Slowthai other than the pre-recorded format on the big screens of Grammy-nominated “My High.”

The duo concluded their set with the party song “Tondo,” joined on stage by a trumpet section of the brass band, but the focus never left the siblings center stage during the kind of high performance that the Coachella stage was made for.

Jay Lawrence and Howard Lawrence of Discloser perform onstage at the Outdoor Theater during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 16, 2022 in Indio, California

(Getty Images for Coachella)

Kevin E.J. BerryApril 17, 2022 04:58


The sudden appearance of Jackson Wang is all Twitter can talk about

While Disclosure is busy bringing in one of the weekend’s biggest crowds on the outdoor stage, 88rising is doing an equally impressive job on the Coachella main stage.

The first record company ever to be given a performance of their own at the festival, the group doesn’t take this honor lightly.

Since 2015, 88rising has been working with artists and creators from across Asia, and tonight, the Los Angeles-based company brings in 80-minute big boys and girls with an epic roster as well as a troupe of dancers and multiplayer. layered stage.

However, it is the unannounced appearance of Chinese superstar Jackson Wang that is making the festival lose its collective sanity.

With his silver-blue hair and red gloves on majestic screen, glamorous Wang snakes his way through ten minutes of Michael Jackson-inspired choreography with a flair for a Las Vegas wizard, leaving many fans more than happy with his arrival, but also wondering why. He hasn’t been on stage for at least an hour.

Fans react to “Festival Wang Devour” Coachella’s performance here.

Leonie CooperApril 17, 2022 04:10


Coachella weather report

Where yesterday was very hot, today is very windy. Dust storms surround the site making visibility a challenge for many while driving to the festival. On Earth, that means bucket hats are exploding everywhere, chests are rolling across fields, and a lot of hairstyles are going hairless. the solution? Hold on to your hats, Coachella.

Leonie CooperApril 17, 2022 03:30


An annoying hole at the end

We find our first legitimate saturated hole of the weekend at the set of Mojave Theater in Turnstile. Massive surfing and an abundance of falling limbs accompany the gritty way of hardcore action in the US with melodic but still downright ferocious punk.

Brendan Yates from the revolving door

(Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images)

Leonie CooperApr 17, 2022 03:26


Kevin Abstract urged fans to listen to Brockhampton’s performance at Coachella because it will be his last as a band. Stay tuned for our review of their collection…


Swinging hits pause to help fans

Dylan Minnett just stopped a Wallows song in the middle of it to help a fan in the crowd. The actor/singer got huge cheers and a round of applause from the audience for making sure the festival-goers are doing well. Check out the screenshots below.

Tom MurrayApr 17, 2022 02:27


Fans of tonight’s headline Billie Eilish will be pleased to know that there is an entire tent selling special Billie merchandise. They might not be happy to know that a simple black hoodie costs $90 (£69) and a $30 (£23) bottle of water.

Did someone say a Billie Eilish branded water bottle?

(The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Leonie CooperApr 17, 2022 01:40


Billie Eilish arrives before her historic performance

Perfume label Billie Eilish tweeted a picture of the singer at Coachella next to a giant replica of the perfume bottle, a kind of metal bust with the head half missing.

Tom MurrayApr 17, 2022 01:32


These hills at Coachella look familiar…

The truth about Coachella is unknown. Teletubbie Hills were moved to the festival site in the early 2000s and now serve as a home base for auto rickshaw drivers and stray influencers.

Has anyone seen a Tinky Winky?

(The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Leonie CooperApr 17, 2022 01:14


Queues, glorious queues

The second day begins with even more epic queues to enter the festival. I’m so jealous of the person who’s wearing the pink umbrella now.

Waiting list for Coachella

(The Independent/Leonie Cooper)

Leonie CooperApr 17, 2022 01:08