April 17, 2024

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Conflict escalates between the Hebrew government and the UN agency UNRWA, who blame each other.

Conflict escalates between the Hebrew government and the UN agency UNRWA, who blame each other.

Accusations and heated exchanges between Israel and the United Nations (UN) Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) are on the rise. Confirms information from The New York TimesUNRWA's President, Philippe Lazzarini, UN He informed that there is an internal report of the agency, which has not been made public. “Hundreds of prisoners freed” Through Israel, through the Kerem Shalom crossing point, and was subjected to poor treatment.

Although UNRWA is not responsible for the detention issues, as it is the only agency present in Kerem Shalom, it has collected testimonies. “We've seen these people come back from detention, some after a few weeks, some after a few months. Most of them are completely traumatized by the ordeal they've been through.Illustrated by Philip Lazzarini.

“It's a widespread mistreatment”he added. “People were blatantly humiliated, people were photographed naked, subjected to verbal and psychological abuse, and threats of electric shock.”Or “Insomnia, use of excessive noise to prevent sleep”, “Using Dogs to Intimidate”. He noted that some of these detainees were UNRWA staff.

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The agency accused Israeli authorities of the actions earlier Monday “Torture” Against some of its employees arrested in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023. “Our employees were detained by Israeli authorities and told horrible things to us during interrogation” such as “Torture, ill-treatment, abuse and sexual exploitation”He said in a press release sent to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

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“Some of our staff told UNRWA teams that they were forced to confess under torture” When they were “Questioned over ties between UNRWA and Hamas and involvement in October 7 attack on Israel”She added.

Israel has accused the UN of being a terrorist organization in Gaza.

Jewish state officials have denied the allegations. In a statement, the Israeli military denied it “Covered and Baseless Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Detainees at Israeli Armed Forces Facilities”.. “These assertions are yet another attempt to create a false equivalence to Hamas' systematic use of rape as a weapon of war.”She added.

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An episode in strained relations between Israel and the UN has already taken place when, on Monday, the Jewish state recalled its ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan. “silence” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Hamas committed sexual assault during the October 7 attack. Israel accuses the UN of trying to suppress a report detailing rapes and sexual assaults by the Islamist movement, which Mr. Gutierrez vehemently denied.

The work of Pramila Paton, the UN's special representative on sexual violence in the conflict, was released on Monday. “Carefully and diligently done. Under no circumstances would he become General Secretary [Antonio Guterres] I did anything to keep this statement quiet.”, said Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the United Nations General Secretariat. This report establishes that there are “Good Reasons to Believe” On 7 October the victims were raped and some hostages were held in Gaza.

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“It took five months for the United Nations to finally recognize sex crimes”Gilad Erdan commented “Shame on the UN for all to see”. Israel has accused the international community of months of delay in recognizing sexual violence committed by Hamas members during the October 7 attack.

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Erdogan also addressed the UN “A Terrorist Organization in Gaza”. According to Israel, charges brought in late January against twelve of the 30,000 regional UNRWA staff who participated in the October 7 attacks specifically led to the deaths of 1,160 people, mainly civilians. By AFP. The UN immediately separated the surviving accused staff members and launched an internal investigation.

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At the same time, Antonio Guterres entrusted UNRWA and its evaluation to an independent panel. “Neutrality”. So far, the UN notes that Israel has not shared any evidence of its allegations with investigators or UNRWA.

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But Israel again on Monday accused UNRWA of counting on its ranking “Terrorists”. “According to intelligence services, more than 450 members of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, mainly Hamas, work for UNRWA”The Israeli military said in a statement.

UNRWA “at a breaking point”

In this context of exchanges of accusations and denials, several countries defended the organization before the General Assembly that created UNRWA in 1949. “Two million people are completely dependent on UNRWA services”, underlined Abdullah Ali Fateh al-Saadi, the Yemeni ambassador on behalf of the Arab countries, calling on donors to resume their funding. About fifteen countries have actually frozen their funding for $450 million (about €415 million), which is more than half of the funding received in 2023.

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Philip Lazzarini condemned a Deliberate and concerted campaign of undermining Activities “backbone” Humanitarian aid to Gaza, with a final objective “stop”. “Dismantling UNRWA is irresponsible. By doing so, we sow the seeds of hatred, hatred and future conflict and sacrifice an entire generation of children.He insisted.

Mr. Laszarini welcomed the new contributions announced. It is noteworthy that the European Commission released 50 million euros. Company “This way it can continue its operations and provide vital assistance to Palestinian refugees across the region.”He noted. “But for how long?” “It's hard to say.”He said, still describing a system “A Breaking Point”.

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