April 14, 2024

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“D-Day” of armed intervention has been “decided,” according to an ECOWAS commissioner.

“D-Day” of armed intervention has been “decided,” according to an ECOWAS commissioner.

With our special correspondent in Accra, François Hume-Fergatadge

« D-day is decided According to Abdel-Fataw Musa, Commissioner for Political Affairs of ECOWAS. The Commissioner of ECOWAS noted that an agreement had been reached regarding equipment and resources. Staff numbers and plans have been finalized. “ We are ready to go. There will be no message Chiefs of Staff meeting […]. We want to rid Niger of the military in power so that the country can focus on its primary mission, the fight against terrorism. “. This is yet another step in the conflict between ECOWAS and the Nigerian military regime.

The diplomatic option is still on the table

On the other hand, in the final report, indications are that the situation may evolve further. First, the plan must now be fully vetted by the Conference of Heads of State of the Economic Community of West African States. Later, the chief of staff emphasizes the fact that all options are on the table. According to ECOWAS, the path to dialogue remains open. “ We have not declared war on Niger “, on several occasions the Commissioner for Political Affairs of ECOWAS was included.” There is always an opportunity for dialogue “, explained Abdel-Fataw Musa, stressing that this move aims to restore constitutional order.

However, Abdel-Fataw Musa sums up the tone of the summit by telling the nuances: “ We don’t spend time arguing. »

(More information to come)

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