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Twenty containers carrying gold and silver were “unprecedented” stolen


The Mexican public prosecutor’s office said it would begin an investigation into the amount of gold and silver stolen without disclosing details.

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Local authorities announced Monday (June 13) that about twenty containers, some of them gold and silver, had been stolen from the port of Manzanillo (Mexico). According to the head of the National Customs, this“The most serious organized criminal activity”. Qualified as “Theft of the Century” According to some media reports, this happened on June 5 in a private compound in the main commercial port on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Heavy-armed assailants neutralized port security teams, handling containers for eight to ten hours using cranes and heavy trucks, a Colima state official said. “They are the most select of the merchandise they have. D “Whose Metals Precious “He added. “This is unprecedented. We have already seen sporadic container theft, but not so much.” The Mexican public prosecutor’s office said it would begin an investigation, but declined to comment on the amount of gold or silver stolen.

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