June 19, 2024

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Daigo Umehara shares his doubts about integrating Ryu or Guile into Street Fighter 6

Daigo Umehara shares his doubts about integrating Ryu or Guile into Street Fighter 6

With Street Fighter 6 now just weeks away from dropping, professional players around the world will need to quickly decide which character(s) they want to spend the most time on to give them the best chance of winning the way they enjoy it.

BST | Daigo Umehara has found a great deal of competitive success in the past using Ryu and/or Guile in the Street Fighter games, but is currently not sold using either in SF6 at launch.

Back when Daigo previously talked about his traditional SF6 picks, he hadn’t actually played the game yet, but now he has more things to say on the matter.

Umehara says that so far Ryu feels good about playing and having fun although he wouldn’t pick Shoto just because he’s Ryu.

The legendary FGC figure had some more egregious concerns about his flagship SF5.

“It’s just my guess, but Guile won’t be an iconic character,” Daigo Villa said. FGC alpha compiler. “I like Guile as a character, but SF6 has so many unique personalities. And if Guile stands out among them, that probably means he’s not fun to play.

Strong Guile means that the uniqueness of the other characters will disappear, so I think the developers will not bother Guile too much on purpose.”

Although he of course wants to try out the Sonic Boom Launcher, Daigo states that Guile being powerful wouldn’t necessarily be good for SF6 and he has “no intention of making him his main boss”.

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“If Guile’s SF6 is completely different and requires different strategies, and if that makes him strong, that’s okay,” Daigo told his viewers. “But then [he’s] Same Guile who shoots missiles and waits, I just don’t understand why he needs to be in SF6. “

As for the other characters, Umehara says he’s not very interested in Dee Jay, Blanka, E. Honda, Manon, Luke, Chun-Li, or Kimberly at all, which isn’t too surprising given his usual tastes in fighters.

Outside of Ryu and Guile, Daigo says he’s more curious about JP, Marisa, Jamie, Lily, and even Zangief as Jamie seems like the frontrunner out of the newcomers.

His apparent reluctance to go for Ryu doesn’t come from a place where he doesn’t enjoy/bored using it, but instead Daigo worries that he’ll get lost in the shuffle when so many other characters seem powerful and/or unique.

It’s clear that Umehara won’t commit to anyone when they can’t play the full game yet, but he states that his main goal should be both tough and fun.

“The important thing is that I feel cool when I win this character,” Daigo said. “And that depends on the individual’s value system and sensitivity.”

You can check out Daigo’s full discussion below thanks to the new FGC translation.