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Denmark has voted to join the EU Security Policy


On Wednesday, the Danes received nearly 67% of the voteEr June, with 97% of the vote in favor of integration into the European Union (EU) defense policy.

“Tonight, Denmark sends an important signal to our allies in Europe and NATO, and [président Vladimir] Cheese fry. When Putin invades an independent country and threatens stability in Europe, we show that the rest will unite.Prime Minister Mete Frederickson said. “Europe existed before February 24, Europe before the Russian invasion”She added.

EU leaders Ursula van der Leyen and Charles Michel welcomed the vote. “Historical” From Denmark. “I welcome the commitment to our common security sent by the Danish people.”Is European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen tweeted, “We hope Denmark and the European Union will benefit from this decision.”. “Danish people have made a historic choice”, Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, announced his role.

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European security is accelerating

Two weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, M.A.Me Frederiksen announced an agreement with a majority of parties in parliament to submit to a referendum the decision on the Danish exception, as well as significant military investment to cross the 2% mark in GDP allocated to NATO’s desired defense budget.

Traditionally a euroseptic country, Denmark received a series of exemptions in 1993 “Exceptions” (“Exemption options”) in many European problems, especially in the defense sector. Scandinavian country, a founding member of NATO – thus unable to participate in any EU military service.

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Previously marginalized, the twenty-seventh security policy has gained momentum in recent years, even though the idea of ​​a European military is still a foil to many capitals.

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