May 30, 2024

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Destruction in Gaza as Israel wages war on Hamas

4:37 PM ET, April 10, 2024

Israel continues its strikes in Gaza while Hamas raises concerns about the hostage situation. Catch up on key developments

From CNN staff

So said the IDF Three of the sons of the political leader of Hamas were killed Ismail Haniyeh during an air strike on the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. The Israeli army said that it confirmed that the three elements are the sons of the political leader of the Hamas movement, who is the head of the political bureau. CNN cannot independently confirm these Israeli army allegations.

the The IDF also continues its operations in Gaza, and has launched “dozens” of air strikes in the past day. A number of people were killed They are called “terrorists.” No further details were provided about the reports that an Israeli An air strike on the Nuseirat refugee camp In the central Gaza Strip, at least 14 people were killed on Tuesday evening.

Here's what else you should know:

Hamas indicates that it does not have 40 hostages: Hamas has now indicated this Unable to identify and track 40 Israeli hostages Necessary for the first stage of A Ceasefire agreementAccording to an Israeli official and a source familiar with the discussions, raising concerns that more hostages may have been killed than are publicly known. CNN's chronicle of hostage conditions also indicates that there are fewer than 40 hostages alive who meet the proposed criteria.
Spoiling Eid celebrations: Before the war, Salwa Al-Tibi used to prepare breakfast for the young children in her family, visit relatives, and decorate her home in Gaza City, north of Gaza, with balloons and lights to celebrate. Eid al-Fitr. But the Israeli military campaign ended this year Hopes of celebrating the festival were crushed. Instead, the Palestinian aid worker, who is in her 50s, told CNN she will struggle to find enough food, clothes and shoes for her younger relatives.
Fears of an Iranian attack: The Israeli army has risen in recent days GPS signals are broken on a number of cities, including the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and Jerusalem, with the aim of thwarting missile or drone attacks potentially launched by Iran or Iranian-backed groups in the region. The disruption caused major disruptions to daily life, sparking frustration throughout Israel. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the United States remains strong in its policies Commitment to protect Israel In the face of Iranian threats against the country. CNN previously reported that senior US officials believe Iranian attack 'inevitable' – A common point of view with their Israeli counterparts. The United States was on high alert and actively preparing for a major attack by Iran targeting Israeli or American assets in the region following the bombings in Syria.

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