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Dixie Carter reveals his surprising Impact Originals co-star at Slammiversary


The Impact Honor was a combat order for Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and Frankie Kazarian. They were awarded a ten-man mark for winning some respect in Honor No More quintet from Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, and PCO. The Impact Originals team had two slots to find veterans who exemplify the spirit of Impact. Nick Aldis was brought on board, but one open spot remained, bound for Slammiversary.

It’s time for the big news. Impact Originals’ surprise partner introduction…Dixie Carter!?! Dixie was there to thank talent and staff from the past for celebrating Impact for 20 years. She also revealed the mystery man to be Davey Richards.

The match broke out in their hands. The work was non-stop with a steady pace of teamwork throughout. This is a sample.

In the end, the American wolves came face to face. Richards roughened Edwards screws a dragon into the ropes. Richards climbed the corner to howl.

Richards missed the flying stomping, but was able to trap Edwards in a leg surrender. The episode is filled with Impact’s transmissions all over the place on Honor No More. PCO was run to break the painful stalemate and save his teammates.

Below the stretch, the match featured several headlines from former Impact stars. Sabine had the impetus to finish the PCO with Cradle Shock. Maria Kanellis caused a distraction for the PCO to release her. Tracy Brooks was watching from the front row in support of Impact and her husband, Kaz. Brooks got into the fray to drag Maria down and flatten her with a clothesline on the floor.

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PCO grabbed Brooks by the hair. Kaz saved his wife and put the PCO down with Flux Capacitor.

Kenny King ran to help Honor No More. This is directed by Dello Brown. He dealt with the king with a spine high in the sky and a frog spray.

Amidst all the chaos, referee Brian Hebner fell. Earl Hebner was watching the match alongside Brooks. He pulled off his shirt to reveal the referee’s uniform. Earl assumed official duties.

Motor City Machine Guns kicks unloaded to stun PCO. Sabine took the opportunity to end with a cradle shock. Shelley and Kaz took care of OGK, so Sabine could take the win.

That match was very fun. Davy Richards was a satisfying revelation as the enigmatic partner. The wrestlers all had moments to shine, the action was super exciting all the way through, and the surprise surprises were the cherry on top of the sundae.

What’s your favorite moment since the match between Impact Originals and Honor No More? Were you satisfied with Davey Richards as an enigmatic partner?

Get the full Slammiversary results over here.

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