June 24, 2024

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Emmanuel Macron previewed his European strategy during a state visit to the Netherlands

Emmanuel Macron previewed his European strategy during a state visit to the Netherlands

French President Emmanuel Macron begins a two-day state visit to the Netherlands on Tuesday (April 11) with the royal family in Amsterdam, followed by an expected speech in Europe after controversial comments he made during his trip to China. The visit, the first state visit by a French president since 2000, will be an opportunity to confirm the strengthening of ties that have begun since the departure of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands’ close ally, from the European Union.

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The visit comes after Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China called on the EU “follower” A simulation of the US and China on the issue of Taiwan “Third Pole”. “We don’t want to depend on others for important things”He was hammered on Sunday In a French newspaper Echoes, citing energy, artificial intelligence or social networks. His call, in the same interview, was to keep his distance on the Taiwan question “Less Dependent on Americans” As for security, his past comments on Ukraine immediately raised criticism and questions.

Alliance with America “A Complete Foundation” European security, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki objected from Washington on Tuesday morning. “Some Western leaders dream of cooperation with Russia and some powers in the Far East.”He joked pointing out that he was going to “US to further strengthen economic and security cooperation”.

A “Vision” of European Sovereignty and “Security”

Bruno Le Maire, who will accompany the presidential couple to the Netherlands, supported the idea of ​​a third pole on Tuesday morning: [L’Europe] East [l’]American friendship but not the same strategic thinking” He underlined that Europe 1. “We don’t have to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. We have to create our own power. »

During this visit, the Head of State should also present his opinion “vision” Sovereignty and “Security” on economic and industrial matters in a speech on Tuesday afternoon at the Dutch Nexus Institute in The Hague. Following this speech, Paris and The Hague will sign “Agreement for Innovation”It led to collaborations in the fields of semiconductors, quantum physics and energy.

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Elysee insists “Reconciliation” Between France and the Netherlands, its European position cannot now be reduced to the difference between The Hague “Liberal and Economic” and Paris “Unitarianism and Protectionism”.

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Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron will be greeted with military honors before a reception and private lunch at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam by King Willem-Alexander and his wife Máxima. Seven ministers will travel with the French president. The program of the highly formal visit included a state dinner at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam at the invitation of King Willem-Alexander and his wife Maxima and a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The presidential couple, along with the King and Queen of the Netherlands, will visit an exhibition dedicated to painter Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam before returning to Paris on Wednesday evening.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters