April 12, 2024

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[En continu] A “super variant”? EPFZ researcher’s fear


Saturday in France, about 200 Expressions Attendance has been declining and Govt activities are suspected.

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A variation as a result of the combination of those existing?

ETH Zurich researcher warns of immediate arrival of new “super-variant” of corona virus. Sai Reddy, an assistant professor and immunologist, says it may come from a combination of existing variants. In an interview To Sunday view.

“For a new variation to appear, we can no longer just trust the vaccine,” says the 40-year-old American. Wherever it comes out, the variation reaches Switzerland anyway. “That’s why we need to be prepared for many vaccines over the next few years, which will continue to be suitable for new varieties.”

The New Zealand copy is in doubt

So far, New Zealand has been praised for effectively managing an epidemic that has killed just 26 lives per five million population. Switzerland reports 10,900 deaths per eight million.

Suspicion. But the time for doubt has come because of the delta variation:

The [Delta] Unlike anything we have known since the beginning of the epidemic

Chris Hipkins, the minister responsible for the fight against Govt-19, was announced this Sunday. On the TVNZ channel. “It changes everything, which means all of our current actions seem less relevant, and this raises questions about the future of our long-term strategy.”

Cases He announced 21 new cases related to the eruption that erupted in Auckland last week. The first local case of pollution in six months led to national control. Chris Hipkins said the eruption was more difficult than the previous one because the delta variant was so contagious.

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“Its high rate of infection and virus spread has put a strain on our system, even though we have taken some of the best preventive measures in the world,” he said.

New Zealand model. As local lawsuits arose, the archipelago imposed stricter border controls and restrictions.

New developments, however, highlight the slowdown in the vaccine campaign and voices have been raised criticizing the government’s complacency. Only 20% of the population is fully vaccinated, which is one of the lowest rates in developed countries.