May 25, 2024

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EU regrets four years of “lack of progress” in trade talks with China

EU regrets four years of “lack of progress” in trade talks with China

Relations between the EU and China are certainly not good. “I am sorry to say that the economic and trade dialogue has not progressed or at least not significantly in the last four years”, the European Union’s ambassador to China, Jorge Toledo, lamented this Sunday. However, the diplomat did not explain which file(s) he was specifically referring to.

“China’s industrial policy aims to reduce its energy dependence” (Nathan Sperber, sociologist)

The European Commission has suspended its efforts to get member states and parliament to ratify an investment deal with China by the end of 2020 after seven years of discussions over human rights issues. Majority area of ​​Xinjiang. In addition, the European Union has decided ” to rearrange Last May, its stance against China lessened its economic dependence, at a time when Beijing was suspected of providing indirect support to Moscow in its war in Ukraine. One of the most heated disputes with Beijing, in fact, is linked to the ambiguity of China’s position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While China does not recognize Moscow’s annexed territories in Ukraine, it does not condemn military intervention. “Ukrainian […] “The question that could make or break the relationship between the EU and China”Spanish Ambassador to China Rafael Descaller Massarredo warned. “It can improve them dramatically or lead them down a very negative path.”He underlined in the same forum.

“A partner, a competitor and a legitimate competitor”

“We want to engage with China, but we need progress, and we need it this year.”For his part, Jorge Toledo emphasized this Sunday that a high-level economic dialogue between the two parties will be organized. “Mostly in September”. China is for the EU “At the same time a partner, a competitor and a legitimate competitor”A speaker at a forum organized in Beijing underlined.

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Words that resonate in Germany in mid-June. The nearly 80-page document, submitted by Chancellor Olaf Scholes and ministers in his government, underlines that the Asian giant is indeed trying. “In various ways to reshape the existing rules-based international order, it asserts increasingly aggressive regional hegemony and continues to work against our interests and values.”. “China is a legitimate partner, competitor and competitor. In recent years we have seen an increase in competition and elements of competition., the document further noted. *

Tensions with America

On the US side, the US President has also condemned China’s behavior. Joe Biden was appointed after his Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, visited Beijing with the aim of renewing dialogue between China and the United States. “Dictator” His Chinese counterpart is Xi Jinping. Referring to the recent episode in which the US destroyed a Chinese balloon, claiming that they had spied on their territory, he assured. “The reason the Chinese president was so angry when I shot down that balloon full of spy equipment was because he didn’t know the equipment was there.”. And add to it “It’s very embarrassing for dictators who don’t know what happened.”.

“Both sides have made progress and reached common ground on certain points.”Nevertheless, Antony Blinken’s visit at the end of his visit welcomed Xi Jinping, not to mention the latter, to qualify for progress. “very good thing”, according to public television CCTV. He was also welcomed by the US Secretary of State “Some progress “. “None of these questions will be resolved in one visit.”He qualified

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