April 18, 2024

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Federal staff should be vaccinated or masked and tested

Joe Biden asked the military to think about how and when to add the Covit-19 vaccine to the list of compulsory vaccines for the military.

Joe Biden has taken a series of steps to increase vaccination in the United States, in which millions of federal employees must be vaccinated or comply with ongoing regulations, according to a U.S. press release. White House Thursday

Therefore, non-vaccinated federal employees should wear the mask regularly and undergo routine check-ups once or twice a week, even in areas where the Govt-19 cycle is low. According to a press release issued shortly before the US president’s speech, they will be restricted in their movements.

Without going as far as the complete vaccination duty, it was a change in the Biden administration that refused to associate any barrier idea with the vaccine. The federal government employs 4 million people, including 2 million civilians. About the military, the US president tells us to think about the military “How and when” Add the vaccine against Govt-19 to the list of mandatory vaccines for the military.

Joe Biden is calling on local authorities to pay $ 100 to anyone who is vaccinated, taking this from an emergency fund released to deal with the epidemic. The United States is trying to restart the vaccine campaign, which, after a rapid start, tends to settle down, and the rapid spread of the delta variant is worrying health officials.

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