June 19, 2024

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Five Security Council members have pledged to stop the spread of nuclear weapons

The five members of the Security Council, the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom and France, will meet on Monday, January 3. “Prevent further spread” Nuclear weapons, In a joint statement Prior to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference.

Five states where the signatories are legally recognized “Nuclear Weapons Equipped” The other three countries considered to have nuclear weapons by the NPT – India, Pakistan and Israel – did not sign the agreement, while North Korea condemned it.

Assure of the danger of nuclear war

“We ensure that nuclear war cannot be won and will never be fought.”, Say the five signatories. “In view of the far-reaching consequences of the use of nuclear weapons, we ensure that, as long as they exist, they must be used for defensive purposes and to prevent and prevent war.”, They add. “We each want to maintain and strengthen our national efforts to prevent the unauthorized or accidental use of nuclear weapons.”, The text continues.

Through this collective declaration, the signatories openly seek to confirm world public opinion on the risks of catastrophic conflict. Reports of fluctuations in global geopolitics have multiplied in recent months Sino-US tensions over Taiwan And Indo-Pacific, Boots noise in Ukraine And many other crises in the Near and Middle East, the devastating effects of Govt-19.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres himself issued the warning in December In a column published Sunday Daily :

“Considering that more than 13,000 nuclear weapons are stored in arsenals around the world, how long will our luck last? Nuclear destruction is the sword of Tomocles: bringing misery and death to a terrible level will not only require a misunderstanding or error of judgment, but will bring an end to all life on earth. “

Negotiations with Iran

The announcement comes ahead of the 10th United Nations Conference on the Parties to the NPT, an international treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons in 1970, sponsored by the United Nations this year. There are 191 state parties.

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In full negotiations with Iran, Is suspected of wanting to buy a nuclear bomb, which underscores all five of these nuclear powers “Willingness to work with all states to create a security environment that allows for further progress in disarmament, with the ultimate goal of a world without nuclear weapons.”, Refers to the French Presidency, which has been coordinating the work of these countries for two years.

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Westerners suspect that Iran is using the technology of its satellite missiles to build long-range ballistic launchers capable of carrying conventional or nuclear charges. Negotiations resumed in Vienna in December The 2015 nuclear deal is due to resume After leaving the United States in 2018.

Appreciated by Russia and China

On Monday, Moscow welcomed the policy agreement between the five major nuclear powers, which it hopes will do. “To help reduce international tensions”, According to a report by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RIA Novosti that Moscow still believed. “Necessary” Summit of Atomic Energy.

Joint Declaration “Helps to increase mutual trust and change competition between major powers with coordination and cooperation”, Quoting Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu, the official news agency New China also responded.

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