May 29, 2024

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Ford F-150 Lightning Home Integration System $3,895

If Ford F-150 Lightning owners want access to a car’s smart backup power feature to power their homes during a power outage, they need two main components; Besides the F-150 Lightning, of course.

First, they need the Ford Charge Station Pro, an 80-amp charging station that comes standard with all F-150 Lightning with an Extended Range battery pack. Owners with a standard range battery can purchase Ford Pro charging station from their Ford dealership for $1,310.00.

Second, they need the Home Integration system, which consists of an inverter, a transfer switch, and a small battery to power the system temporarily when the mains are out. To date, the cost of the home consolidation system is unknown. However, thanks to Ford’s Director of Shipping and Energy Services, Matthew Stufer’s LinkedIn post, we now have the answer.

The Home Integration System will be sold exclusively through Ford partner, Sunrun, at a cost of $3895.00. This is very reasonable in our opinion, especially when the other component required to access the intelligent backup power system, the Ford Charge Station Pro, comes standard with the vehicle for many F-150 Lightning owners.

Therefore, the only petty cash to access the backup power system would be $3,895 plus installation. Sunrun is Ford’s official partner in installing the system, but owners will have the option to purchase the system for $3,895 from Sunrun, and use another installation contractor, such as qamaret, If they prefer not to contract with Sunrun.

In fact, Stover’s LinkedIn post beat Sunrun until the announcement, and as of this writing, a file has been released Sunrun . site The order price is still not shown. It simply states: “Home Integration System price: Coming soon.”

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Stover’s post explains that installation costs for the system will vary from customer to customer, and it “depends on your personal home setup.”

When installed, the intelligent backup power system can supply up to 9.6 kilowatts to the home, which should be enough to power your entire home for several days during a power outage, provided the truck is charged before the power goes out.

The system can be controlled manually through an app or owners can set it to react automatically when the power goes out. You can also set a limit to limit how low the system can drain the car battery. So, make sure that you leave yourself enough power in the battery to take any trip you need to take.