May 25, 2024

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Former Prime Minister Guillaume Sorrow announced an “end” to his exile

Former Prime Minister Guillaume Sorrow announced an “end” to his exile

Former prime minister Guillaume Sorrow, who was sentenced to life in prison in Ivory Coast following a trial deemed politically motivated, has announced that he will “end” his exile, which has been ongoing since December 2019. He needs to find out if he is in danger of being arrested. Upon returning to Cote d’Ivoire.

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With our correspondent in Abidjan, François Hume-Fergatadge

« I declare here and now that I am ending my exile because it is painful for me to be so far away from my ancestral and native land of Africa. “. He posted a five-minute video on his social media. William Sorrow This declaration triggers the “termination” of his deportation, without defining the parameters.

Will he return to Ivory Coast after facing two legal convictions? Minutes after his speech, his campaign director, Moussa Touré, said, “ That he would be inside Africa to face his fate », suggesting that he may reside in another country in the sub-region.

In this video, Guillaume Soro accuses the Ivorian president Alasane Ouattara He should be monitored wherever he is. ” The recent arrest attempt in Istanbul, if necessary, Mr. Proving that the only place of peaceful rest Ouattara has reserved for me is indeed the grave. “, confirmed the former Prime Minister.

« I refuse to be a fugitive »

In addition to returning to France, Belgium, Dubai and “eventful exile to the borders of the Asian continent “, he said, Guillaume Soro reaffirms his innocence, while Ivorian judges condemned him in 2021 for “endangering state security”. Concealment of fraud of public funds » in 2020.

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« I refuse to be a fugitive. I am not guilty of any crime worthy of such punishment, especially before God and men. ».

Last May, Guillaume Soro announced his intention to run for president in 2025, and he doesn’t seem to have given up. ” I want to contribute to the reconciliation of the sons and daughters of my country and contribute to building peace among African peoples. “, he assures.