May 26, 2024

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Former TMZ Staver says star praised Hitler, podcast kills interview

Former TMZ Staver says star praised Hitler, podcast kills interview

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New allegations about Kanye West’s history have surfaced in anti-Semitic rhetoric amid a string of recent rapper statements about Jews, with a former TMZ employee claiming that West said he loved Hitler and the Nazis in 2018 on a visit to the news company’s studio.

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Van Lathan Jr. — who confronted Kanye West during his disgraceful 2018 talk at the TMZ office when West said 400 Years of Slavery “sounds like an option” — announced Tuesday in his podcast, Higher Education, that West also said he liked Hitler and the Nazis, but his Delete these notes.

Lathan, who previously worked at TMZ, said he was not surprised by West’s anti-Semitic posts on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend because he was aware of West’s alleged beliefs from their interaction at TMZ.

Lathan said West “said something like, ‘I love Hitler, I love Nazis,'” something to that effect. And they took her out of the interview for whatever reason—that wasn’t my decision, after some sort of conversation with West.

Lathan claimed that a producer at TMZ’s offices stood up and faced West, as did Lathan, and said, “I’m Jewish and that’s offensive to me, what I just said.”

As claimed by Lathan TMZ Videos The width of his confrontation with the West was modified; The producers allegedly left out a Lathan mention of people who died “due to Nazism and Hitler” because it “would make no sense unless they stayed in Kani saying he loved Hitler and the Nazis”.

West referred to the Jewish people and the Holocaust in his interview with TMZ, equated the association of the Holocaust with Jews with the association of slavery with blacks, and claimed that “imprisonment is something” that unites “blacks and whites as one race.”

Forbes I reached out to TMZ and West for comment.

the shadow

Late Tuesday, talk show the shop He said he would not air a recent taped episode with West, which he allegedly used to “repeat more hate speech and very dangerous stereotypes.”

main background

West, who wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at the Yeezy fashion show last week, had his Instagram account restricted when he posted a screenshot of a conversation with Sean “Diddy” Combs, in which he accused Combs of being controlled by Jews. On Twitter, he said he was going to “Death con 3 on the Jewish people”. On Thursday he gave an interview to Tucker Carlson on Fox News, and the Vice Motherboard reported on Tuesday that many of West’s allegations have been amended. Clips obtained by the website showed West saying that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger worked with the KKK to “control the Jewish population,” and requested other anti-Semitic remarks he made before they were broadcast.

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