June 23, 2024

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France hopes Franco-Israeli hostage Mia Schem will be freed this evening

France hopes Franco-Israeli hostage Mia Schem will be freed this evening

17 Thai ex-Hamas hostages arrive in Bangkok

A plane carrying 17 Thai former hostages freed by Hamas as part of a ceasefire deal with Israel landed in Bangkok on Thursday, Thailand’s foreign ministry said.

Their families who had come to greet them at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport were waiting for them when they disembarked. Nine Thai nationals are still in the hands of the Palestinian Islamist group in the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu says fighting will ‘undoubtedly’ resume after hostages return

“Will Israel start fighting again after freeing our hostages? My answer is yes, without a doubt,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last night, as a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel continued, allowing the release of dozens of hostages.

“There is no situation where we will not continue the fight until the end. The entire defense cabinet adheres to this, the entire government, the soldiers support this policy, the people are behind us, so that’s what we will do,” the Israeli prime minister assured.

COP28 was attended by the Israeli and Palestinian presidents

Israeli President Isaac Herzog is expected to plead with world leaders for the release of hostages in the Gaza Strip today at the UN climate conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As part of the World Climate Conference (COP28), in which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will participate, Isaac Herzog will hold “a series of diplomatic meetings on the importance of releasing the hostages,” the Israeli president indicated. In a press release.

Both leaders will speak at COP28 tomorrow.

France hopes Franco-Israeli hostage Mia Schem will be freed this evening

France hopes for the release of Franco-Israeli hostage Mia Scam this Thursday evening, BFMTV has learned from reliable sources.

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3 dead, 6 injured in shooting in East Jerusalem

According to a new emergency report, at least three people were killed and six wounded, three of them critically, in a shooting in East Jerusalem.

“Two terrorists in a car, one armed with an M-16 and the other armed with a pistol,” opened fire at around 7:40 a.m. (6:40 a.m. France time), Jerusalem police director Doran Dorgeman said. Scene of the attack.

According to the Interior and Israeli Intelligence Minister, the shooters were two brothers, former prisoners in Israel and linked to Hamas.

France is hoping for the release of the French hostage this evening

According to information obtained by BFMTV, France hopes to release a French hostage this evening.

According to Qatar, a ceasefire was set up similar to previous conditions

The extension of the ceasefire is carried out under the same conditions as other suspensions, such as the cessation of military operations and the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for Qatar’s foreign ministry said in a statement. , Majeed Al-Ansari.

He said the ceasefire would take place “within the framework of joint mediation by Qatar, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United States”.

East Jerusalem: 6 injured in shooting, some seriously

Six people were wounded in a shooting this morning in the Jewish settlement of Ramot in Israeli-occupied and annexed East Jerusalem, with police announcing that two “suspects” had been “neutralized,” Israeli emergency services said.

Megan David Adom, equivalent to the Israeli Red Cross, says she was alerted at 7:38 a.m. local time (6:38 a.m. French time) that shots had been fired “near a bus stop” in the Ramot area. Rescue workers “treated six people who were injured”, some “seriously”. “Both suspects involved in the shooting were neutralized at the scene,” a police press release noted.

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Israel says it has a new “list” of hostages to be released this Thursday

Israel says it has received a new “list” of hostages to be freed today Thursday from Palestinian prisoners under a ceasefire agreement with the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas. It is currently unknown how many people have been affected and which country they are from.

Qatar has confirmed that the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will be extended until Friday

Qatar, a key player in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, confirms the extension of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. He promises it will last at least until Friday or 24 more hours.

The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel will be extended

Israel’s Army X announced earlier on Twitter that the ceasefire with Hamas will continue this Thursday, while mediators continue their efforts. Hamas confirmed an announcement.

The Israeli military’s announcement was made on social media minutes before the 6 a.m. scheduled end of the cease-fire in Gaza.

Hamas is asking its fighters to prepare for fighting if the ceasefire is not renewed

Hamas has called on its soldiers to prepare for war if the cease-fire with Israel is not extended by 6 a.m. Paris time, our colleagues from Haaretz report, citing Reuters news agency.

A new group of hostages was released on Wednesday evening

Ten Israeli hostages and four mother hostages freed by Hamas in Gaza have arrived in Israel from Wednesday to Thursday night, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office announced.

Five of the Israelis are dual nationals, one Dutch, three German and one American. The Palestinian Islamic Movement and Israel are freeing ten Israeli hostages each day in exchange for three times as many Palestinian prisoners, as part of an agreement that expires Thursday morning.

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Israel has released thirty Palestinian prisoners

The Israel Prisons Authority announced that 30 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons were released overnight from Wednesday to Thursday under a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Among those released was 22-year-old Ahed Tamimi, who has become a prominent figure among Palestinians challenging the Israeli occupation.

If the ceasefire is not extended, the Israeli army is ready to resume fighting at 6 am

Israeli soldiers are “in a position” to fight again once the ceasefire ends, unless it is extended, Israeli army spokesman Doran Spielman announced on social networks.

Speaking to AFP, a source close to Hamas indicated that on Wednesday the Islamist movement had “agreed” to extend the ceasefire for “an additional four days” and release new Israeli hostages.

But later in the evening, a source in Hamas confirmed that the Palestinian movement considered the Israeli proposals “unsatisfactory”.

At this stage, negotiations are still ongoing.

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