May 27, 2024

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Free gas near me: Reverend Kenyatta Smith hosts fuel gifts at Halstead Shell Station in Chicago Heights

Free gas near me: Reverend Kenyatta Smith hosts fuel gifts at Halstead Shell Station in Chicago Heights

CHICAGO (WLS) – A stream of vehicles stretched as far down Halsted as the eye could see on Sunday afternoon, with some waiting up to four hours to get free $20 gas at a Shell gas station in Washington Heights.

This, as many are concerned with rising gas prices in recent weeks.

However, gas prices have already started to fall over the past week. It’s on average, about seven cents a gallon less than the previous week, but it’s clearly still pretty high.

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At a Shell gas station in the Chicago area, the price for an unleaded gallon is $4.89 a gallon. At these prices, it’s no surprise that people go out and wait for hours only for a few gallons of free gas.

“I was free and just started a new job. I am grateful that I will be able to do it tomorrow. Don’t mind the other days, but I know I will be able to do it tomorrow. I am so grateful,” said Charlene Burrell.

Regina Evans adds, “I can’t take my kids to school because they don’t take the bus, they have to be taken to school, so on days when gas isn’t available, they can’t go to school.”

It was just last Thursday, a former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson Offered $200,000 in Free Gas. The weekend gift, organized by Reverend Kenyatta Smith, was paid for through donations to Another Opportunity Church in hopes of helping as many people as possible.

Watch: Lines wrap around blocks at gas stations across town

“We want to make sure that many of the cars that come from here can get gas in their cars,” Pasteur Smith said.

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The most recent gas donation took place at a Shell gas station at 9802 South Halstead Street on the south side of town. Smith said earlier on Saturday that the giveaway would take place at BP’s gas station on West 99th Street and South Halsted Street in Washington Heights, but he corrected on Sunday.

The giveaways come at a time when people across the city and country are increasingly struggling just to pay for basic necessities. Inflation across the board and a sharp rise in oil prices are not only making gasoline, but everything more expensive.

“For us, it’s not about how much we can do, it’s about more work,” Smith said.

“It is never enough, but we have to come together to help the community get through this time where we are all in pain,” added Alderman Howard Brookings, 21-Ward.

WATCH: Willie Wilson talks about free gas gifts in Chicago

Senator Dick Durbin acknowledged Sunday the need to do something to ease the pain.

“It’s hard to deny what we’re doing. Cut off Russian oil resources “It’s not going to have some impact on the United States,” he said. “Conservatives are suspending state sales taxes on gas…there is a conversation at the federal level about how we can help families.”

The gas giveaway is not over yet. Wilson is hosting a $1 million giveaway at 50 gas stations across the city and suburbs next week.

You can find the full list of participating sites here.

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