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Free trade ideologue Liz Truss succeeds Boris Johnson


Quiet side streets, rows of villas in yellow Yorkshire stone, a sprawling schoolhouse hidden in greenery, a few elegant pubs… north of Leeds, the Roundabout district contrasts sharply with the former textile industry of this Midlands metropolis. A capital that has become an active business and university center, but without charm.

It is in this capitalist region that the Foreign Minister, Mary Elizabeth Truss, 47, the new British Prime Minister, leader of the Conservative Party, was elected by members on Monday, September 5. – who will be appointed to Downing Street by Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday – spent her teenage years. A well-educated student after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, the third woman – and third Conservative – in this post attended the famous public institution Rounday School before gaining a place at Oxford University, a preferred PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) , a royal frequenting the corridors of power. the way

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In July, the primary triggered the start of the Conservative Party By the fall of Boris Johnsonexpelled by its own representatives, After “particate”.Liz said she was educated “In the Heart of the Red Wall” (North of England, famous for its poorer areas) and he met students there ” That [son] School was abandoned. The comments didn’t go down well, with local media reporting outraged reactions from residents who said there was no such thing as downtrodden in their neighborhood.

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On July 28, Liz Truss recalled these controversial memories as she traveled through Leeds to take part in her first public debate against former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak. This political leader has a way, blonde square and ivory, follower Power dresses and very high heels, to refine the image of a provincial “anti-establishment”; A real one “Yorkshire Girl”, She likes to point out, it will be taken from this region “Great determination and the habit of speaking the truth”. ‘This is what we need in Downing Street in these critical times, someone who is bold and rejects the status quo’In Leeds he added.

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Liz Truss, however, settled years ago in Greenwich, a privileged area of ​​south-east London. He came from a middle-class family: his father, John, a university mathematics professor, and his mother, Priscilla, a left-wing activist nurse, met on the benches of the prestigious Cambridge University. But her minor departures from reality have not harmed her with members of the Conservative Party, and she and Mr. Had to choose between Sunak.

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