April 22, 2024

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Georgia Meloni will chair the G7 summit in Kyiv on Saturday afternoon

Georgia Meloni will chair the G7 summit in Kyiv on Saturday afternoon

London has announced £245m for Ukraine to stockpile weapons

The United Kingdom announced on Saturday 24 February an envelope of 245 million pounds (287 million euros) to help Ukraine replenish its munitions, two years after the Russian invasion began.

Purpose of this assistance “Ukraine Urgently Increases Its Stockpiles to Stimulate Supply Chains to Produce Artillery Ammunition”The British Ministry of Defense points out in a press release.

There is the Ukrainian army “Putin drove the Russian invader back to reclaim half of the territory he stole, while inflicting significant damage on Russian capabilities, with about 30% of the Russian Black Sea fleet destroyed or damaged, and thousands of tanks and armored vehicles destroyed »British Defense Minister Grant Shabbs announced. “Together we will ensure that Putin fails for democracy, the rules-based international order and victory for the Ukrainian people.”he added.

The Ukrainian military, weakened by a US aid embargo, its summer counteroffensive failure and a lack of men and ammunition, faces a dire situation. “too hard”By his own accord, President Volodymyr Zelensky had to decide to give up the Avtivka fortress a week earlier.

The United Kingdom, one of Q's main backers, recently announced an increase in military aid to Ukraine, to 2.5 billion pounds (2.9 billion euros) in 2024/2025.

In addition to the thousands of drones already promised, Defense Minister Grand Schaabs announced to parliament on Thursday that he would deliver 200 additional Brimstone anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian military. “Significant impact on the battlefield”.