February 24, 2024

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Gerald Dorman announced constitutional reform in 2024 to “change the rules of land law”.

Gerald Dorman announced constitutional reform in 2024 to “change the rules of land law”.

Home and Overseas Territories Minister Gerald Dormanin was due to visit Mayotte this weekend, but the farmers' crisis in France forced him to postpone his trip. Another deep crisis is rocking the Indian Ocean sector, where civilian blockades have been mounting for ten days against insecurity and the presence of migrants from Africa.

“The power of the Government may be measured merely by the number of additional police officers and gendarmes, but a change in the law, undoubtedly more profound, is necessary to prevent the arrival of these people in Mayotte.”Thursday 1 Mr. Darmanin assuredThere is In February, during a conference on organized overseas territories point in Paris.

Facing right-wing, and under pressure from Mahorish elected officials, the minister continues to raise the issue of irregular immigration. Mamoudzou Hospital, he stressed, “90% of births are not mahoris births”. Before specifying “Women almost giving birth in Kwasa”kwassa-kwassa, the inhabitants of the neighboring Comorian Islands travel irregularly to the French archipelago by these fishing boats.

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“Inner Boundary”

The minister also described the presence of A “Inner Boundary” In Mayotte. Because on the island, foreigners, even those with a residence permit, do not have the right to travel to France unless they obtain a visa. “We tried to cut off runs. (…) This is practical for the rest of the Republic but it raises very important questions in Mayotte, which sees itself as a dead end.He agreed.

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“Coming Constitutional Change” So it is included in the calendar for 2024. “If we want to seriously change things in Mayotte, we need to change the constitution, the provisions of the Land Act and access to nationality. », Mr. Darmanin assured. The minister leaves “Firstly” A few announcements “To the President of the Republic”. Emmanuel Macron may go to Mayotte “In the coming months”.

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The “Mayotte” law, promised in 2021, was later dropped, and was supposed to be brought back into action in 2024 to deal with the island's development and infrastructure issues. We do not know what the “Mayotte” Act or constitutional amendment wants, the Executive, and I note that it does not have a majority in Parliament.However, the Freedoms, Independencies, Overseas and Territories (LIOT) MP Estelle Yusufah stands. The Mahorese elected officials are still waiting for the President to organize their requested meeting in Mayotte in October. »

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