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Goals and kicks: Belgium 6-1 Poland in the UEFA Euro 2022 | 08/06/2022


6:22 PM an hour ago

Objectives and Highlights

4:39 PM 3 hours ago

93 ‘

Aim, Aim, Aim by Pelega! Openda received a through ball and scored to put sixth on the scoreboard.

Since 4:32 PM 3 hours ago


who is lost! Zalewski was left in front of goal, but passed his shot too far and it headed wide.

4:29 PM 3 hours ago

83 ‘

A goal, a goal, a goal for Belgium! Dendoncker takes a long-range shot and Dragowski can’t keep it out.

4:26 PM 3 hours ago

79 ‘

A goal, a goal, a goal for Belgium! Trossard sent a shot from outside the penalty area into the corner and the goalkeeper was unable to block the fourth goal.

Since 4:25 PM 3 hours ago

76 ‘

Poland is trying to generate power, but Belgium has held off well.

Since 4:18 PM 3 hours ago

72 ‘

A goal, a goal, a goal for Belgium! Trussard cut and fired a shot into Dragosky’s net.

4:15 pm 3 hours ago


Defensive cut by Glick, prevent Poland from shooting on goal.

4:13 pm 3 hours ago

68 ‘

Change Poland. Ingressa Buxa on Lewandowski.

4:12 pm 3 hours ago


Change for each team. For Belgium, Hazard has been replaced by Trossard. For Poland, Szymanski was replaced by cash.

4:04 PM 3 hours ago


A goal, a goal, a goal for Belgium! Kevin De Bruyne received inside the penalty area, went ahead and sent a deadly shot into the net to give the hosts the lead.

4:02 PM 4 hours ago


A goal keeper! Dragovsky is a champion and twice denied the goal to Belgium, who insists.

4:01 PM 4 hours ago

53 ‘

A home-and-away encounter, both teams are looking to score.

Since 3:51 PM 4 hours ago

46 ‘

The procedure resumes for the second half.

Since 3:51 PM 4 hours ago


Double change for Poland. Szymanski and Bereszynski replaced Krychowiak and Puchacz.

3:33 PM 4 hours ago


At the end of the first half, Belgium and Poland were equal in one goal.

Since 3:24 PM 4 hours ago

34 ‘

Belgium tries to create a goal, but cannot reach the opponent’s goal

Since 3:15 PM 4 hours ago


A goal, a goal, a goal for Poland! Lewandowski appeared, received a through ball and sent a fatal shot to open the scoring.

Since 3:09 PM 4 hours ago

22 ‘

Kamengsky misses a cross and misses a clear opportunity.

3:02 PM 5 hours ago


Close! Once again Batshuayi senses his presence and sends a fatal shot that ends up being saved by the goalkeeper.

3:00 PM 5 hours ago


Poland presses in the opponent’s area, but cannot generate a danger.

Since 2:51 PM 5 hours ago


Close! Batshuayi’s shot, but the ball hit the post.

5 hours ago

0 ‘

The match begins and Belgium and Poland are already facing each other.

5 hours ago

Poland: LineUp

Dragovsky. Jomny, Bednarek; Glick, Bochucks; Krychowiak, Zurkovsky; Kaminsky, Zelensky, Szymansky; Lewandowski

2:40 pm 5 hours ago

Belgium: LineUp

Mignolet. Alderweireld, Dendoncker, Vertonghen; Castani, Witsel; Tillman, Carrasco; De Bruyne, Batshuayi, E Hazard

2:40 pm 5 hours ago

to court!

Both teams are already preparing before the start of the match, which is about to start.

5 hours ago

at home

The Belgian national team is already at the Brussels Stadium, where they are looking to get three points out of three.

5 hours ago

You will start!

Robert Lewandowski will start the match in his first 11 matches for Poland, looking forward to scoring three goals for his team.

5 hours ago

full support

The Belgian national team will wear the women’s national team shirt in support of the upcoming European Championship.

5 hours ago

each group

The dressing room of both teams is ready with each team’s shirts ready to be worn for this important match.

5 hours ago

last meeting

The last time these two teams met was in 2007, the match ended in Poland’s favor by 2-0 and was played at the Slaskie Stadium.

5 hours ago

Historic duels

These teams have met 19 times, seven of which were for Poland and six for Belgium, with the same number of draws.

Since 1:55 PM 6 hours ago

Stay tuned for the live broadcast of the match between Belgium and Poland.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting line-up for the Belgium-Poland match live, as well as the latest information from the King Baudouin Stadium. Stay tuned for live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

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How to watch Belgium vs Poland live on TV and on the Internet?

6 hours ago

What is the date of the match between Belgium and Poland, round 2 of the European Nations League?

1:40 PM 6 hours ago

Poland data

Ceslav MichenewiczThe coach of Poland, speaking before the match, said, “I think the first few minutes of this match were even. Until Lukaku entered the field, there were no indications of such a result. There was no shortage of attitude on both sides. The Belgians had moments. Good, and they pushed their opponents into a deep defense. We expect them to get into goal positions easily. We hope there are as few of them as possible, but after this defeat they will want to show their best side. Their failure doesn’t change much from our perspective. We know they are a team Good. Of course it is the end of the season, it is possible that some of their players will not play, but we are preparing for the whole team, not the individual players.”

“I will use the statement of Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, who said that Belgium will go to the World Cup as the best singles team in the world. It does not mean that they have the best team. I am happy that we are going to play with a squad like this. We need matches like this to get some answers. We want We also have to play our own games, create chances and take advantage of our good moments. The Belgians made a lot of shooting chances as possible for the Dutch. If we put pressure on the opponent, those moments will also appear.”

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“I have no doubts about the composition. Today, the starting eleven looks like Monday’s training, but the match will be tomorrow. We still have training, things can happen. Sometimes there is a dream at night and a slight correction can happen.”

“Going to Belgium and the Netherlands, I was expecting a high-level match, and it was. You can see the individual skills and the category of teams. Sometimes Belgium played very well, but it didn’t work out. Holland was more determined which affected coach Van Gaal’s statements that he It is not yet known who will go to the World Cup. Tomorrow’s match will be different, because we play differently from the Dutch.”

“On the field. Just like in the match against Wales or Sweden, we will look for our positions in positional attack, but also on the counter-attack or set-pieces.”

“I know there’s a lot going on around footballers, lately when it comes to Krechowiak or Lewandowski. I think there’s also something about Goralski moving to the Bundesliga. Other players haven’t mentioned that they need time to complete their transfer issues.”

6 hours ago

Latest squad Poland

Grabara. Puchacz, Glik, Bednarek, Bereszynski; Klish, Goralsky, Krechowiak; Zelensky. Buxa, Lewandowski.

Since 1:30 pm 6 hours ago

Latest squad Belgium

Mignolet. Alderweireld, Boyata, Vertonghen; Monnier, de Bruyne; Witsel, Castin; E Hazard, Lukaku, Vanaken.

6 hours ago

How is Poland going?

PolandThe story is completely different in this UEFA Nations League match, the Polish team defeated Wales with two goals to one, making it three out of three and reaching second place on goal difference.

6 hours ago

How do you reach Belgium?

6 hours ago

The match will be played at the King Baudouin Stadium.

The Belgium-Poland match will be held at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. The stadium can accommodate 50,100 people.

1:10 PM 6 hours ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2022 UEFA Nations League: Belgium vs Poland live updates!

My name is Laure Solorzano and I will be your host for this game. We’ll provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

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