June 13, 2024

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God of War director urges dealing with developers with 'tact and human respect'

God of War director urges dealing with developers with ‘tact and human respect’

Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog Take to Twitter to make an appeal to the gaming community to start treating game developers better.

Sony It has been highly speculated that a release date has been announced for God of War Ragnarok Today – that eventually didn’t happen, which led some game developers to take abuse from people online.

one developer chirp That some users were sending her unsolicited explicit pictures and asking her about the game’s release date, Barlog replied, “Are you kidding me with this now?”

demands that no one send explicit pictures to anyone in the industry, he added: “They pierce the ass to make each other[thing] to enjoy it. Show some damn respect.”

Later, after retweeting the news that “Return to Monkey Island” director Ron Gilbert No longer posting about the game due to online abuseOnce again, Barlog expressed his desire for society to behave with more respect.

In response to a follower who said they blamed journalists and insiders who claimed history would be today, Barlog replied, “Don’t. The answer is not to find someone to blame or focus the hate on.”

“Maybe you push it forward and treat the people who make the things we love with some decency and human respect. This is not a battle, we are not at war. We are just trying to make and enjoy things together.”

Barlog tweet praised by President X-BoxAnd the Phil SpencerHe replied, “Well said Corey. I can’t wait to enjoy GoW when it comes out. Thank you and the team for the amazing work helping to create the things we love. Thank you.”

Sony It is said that special editions of God of War Ragnarök will be revealed The day before the last minute plan change, it was claimed.

The special versions of the game and the release date of the game were to be announced in August Play Station A blog post with a trailer, according to writer Tom Henderson, who reported on eXputer.

It is believed that the blog post would have also provided assurances that development is progressing well, and that the promise of gameplay reveal at a future date.

Barlog On Wednesday, she asked fans to “please be patient.” While they are waiting for news on the game’s release date.