April 22, 2024

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Haiti: Mob kidnaps YouTube star as he tries to interview their leader, Jimmy “Barbecue” Ceresier.

Haiti: Mob kidnaps YouTube star as he tries to interview their leader, Jimmy “Barbecue” Ceresier.

A $600,000 ransom has been demanded for the release of YouTuber Addison Pierre Malouf and his Haitian mentor Sean Rubens Jean Chagra. The social media star travels the world, looking for the most dangerous situations. The duo, who were abducted on March 14, 2024, were reportedly released this Saturday (March 30) around 1:30 pm. Some think it's a hoax.

Addison Pierre Malouf posted his last video on the Arabic account @YourFellow hours after arriving in the northern city of Cape-Haidien.

He explains that he was the only guest at the hotel and was forced to spend the night there because it was too dangerous to go to Port-au-Prince after dark.

On March 14, upon his arrival in Port-au-Prince, he was kidnapped along with Sean Rubens Jean Chagra. The videos then become headlines on social networks.

On his YouTube channel, Sean Rubens Jean Chagra describes himself as an expert in tourism, translation, logistics and research. He has already worked for major international television channels such as BBC, CNN and National Geographic.

Addison Maloof is not a journalist. He is part of a group of adventurers who film their perilous journeys to the most dangerous parts of the world.

From Nigeria, through Brazil to Mexico, Maloof broadcasts his meetings with this horde of countries to his million subscribers on YouTube.

Based in Atlanta, United States, the young man hoped to meet Haiti's most dangerous gang leader, Jimmy “Barbecue” Ceresier.

But the mob decided otherwise. A social media star has been kidnapped. His ransom was set at $600,000. Despite paying a $40,000 deposit, the gang demanded the full amount.

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Maalouf's friend noted that “Lalem” had tried to keep his friend's abduction a secret in X for two weeks, and efforts to free him continued.

On Friday (March 29), another YouTuber, Miles “Lord Miles” Routledge, described himself. “The Last Great British Explorer”He said he spoke to Maalouf over the phone about the kidnappers.

Miles Routledge, said to be held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan, says his friend “Arab” is locked in a cage somewhere in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

According to Routledge, the attempt to pay the ransom went wrong.

The latter lashed out at the US government, which, according to him, did nothing to secure the release of Malouf, who is an American citizen.

In his last exchange with Addison Maloof, Miles Routledge found the man in “great spirits.” He couldn't wait to release videos of his experience with Haitian gangs.

On Saturday March 30, 2024, at 1:30 pm, a post appeared on Addison Maloup's X account. He announces his release. According to his record, his abduction was a misunderstanding. “They took him for a white person.”

No mention was made of the ransom. In the comments, he was accused of organizing a platform to grow his audience.

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